Reiki Training – The Attunement Experience

The Attunement is the term given to the unique process of initiating a student into a particular Level of Reiki training. It is considered a “spiritual blessing” — a sort of sacred ceremony to connect the student to the Source of the Reiki energy. In the classic Japanese Reiki tradition it is called a reiju.

Everyone who studies the Reiki system of natural healing will experience an attunement, sometimes several, depending on the lineage, the teacher’s background and the Level of Reiki being studied.

Those who are brand-new to to this modality, or contemplating taking a class, may wonder about this process. Often people might perceive this initiation as something mystical or magical. One of the Reiki manuals suggests that the attunement is a very powerful spiritual experience that can open up psychic channels.

However, the bottom line is that this initiation process awakens the ability for the newly trained student to bring in the flow of healing Reiki energy. For some, there are flashes of light or color. Some might feel very light and “floaty” as if they are connecting to another dimension.

However, in my own personal experience, most people seem to just go into a peaceful state of light meditation during the process. Though I do tell students that it is possible they could have an unusual experience of lights, colors, visions, images, etc., that if they don’t, the attunement is still effective, and they are now connected to the Source of Reiki energy. I assure them the attunement experience always works, as long as they remain emotionally open to receiving the initiation. And everyone who takes a class is open to this.

If one achieves a tranquil state of deep relaxation during the attunement, that is a beautiful experience. But regardless of individual experiences, after an attunement, a person is now a Practitioner of that level. All that needs to be done is to hold one’s hands over the person to be healed with the intention of letting Reiki energy flow — and the energy will most assuredly come forth for the Highest Good of the recipient.

On the day of an attunement, later in the day, sometimes people may feel a bit more tired or thirsty. A few people have told me they have experienced “attunement headaches” but that is not common. Some individuals might have a sense of rejuvenation and be very energized for the rest of the day — an attunement “high.”

In terms of differences in experiences, an interesting contrast that I observed was my initiation of a set of identical twin sisters into Level I. The first sister had a very major experience — and she remained in the bliss of the attunement energy for a long while, not wanting to come out of it. Her sister, who studied Level I at a later date, may have had the expectation of the same mystical experience, but basically just felt a quiet, calm sense of peace. I’m not sure if she was disappointed or not, but I reassured her that despite having a milder experience, she was now a Level I Practitioner, no different from her sister.

So be prepared for an experience that can range from gently peaceful to fascinatingly powerful, but do not set up your expectations for something totally other-worldly or psychic. You will not levitate up off your chair.

I totally believe that each person receives exactly what they need during this spiritual blessing experience, so just be open and receptive to becoming a conduit for the gentle, soothing Reiki energy…

Animal Reiki – See Your Pet in the Highest Light

One of the five powerful Reiki Precepts is “Do not worry.” In terms of your animals, are you able to truly embrace the concept of “for today” putting aside worry, anxiety and just being in the present with your companion animal? Or are you given to extreme worry about everything from your animal’s past to any physical symptoms your animal is showing?

I find that many people get so caught up in the illness or condition of their pet in a negative way that this, in turn, adversely affects their animal. Animals are earthy, energetic beings who seem to have a sixth sense.

Because of this, they are so sensitive to us — our every move, our energy, and our own emotions. They sometimes know us better than we know ourselves. That is why it is essential to relax into the moment with our beloved creature-friends.

In fact, I believe that the most important lesson that we learn from our animals is about living in the NOW. They don’t worry about the past and they don’t plan an intricate future (except for maybe their belly reminding them of their next meal!) We have to connect with the reality that their outlook on past, present, future is totally different from the human perception of this abstract concept. Only then can we begin to provide an energetic sense of support that is truly beneficial to them.

When an animal is ill or out of balance, his body will use its own innate healing system to try to correct. Of course, both veterinary assistance and holistic methods, including Reiki, is something that we can do to help our little ones. But in addition, we can also adjust our overall attitude to be as positive as possible as a boost to the healing process.

That is why it is so beneficial to visualize your animal in the Highest Light.

What I mean by that is you need to develop your own mindset of health and wellness with regard to your pet. Despite whatever diagnosis, condition, etc — imagine (in your mind’s eye) your furbaby as completely healthy, whole and radiant. Visualize that he/she is filled with the positive energy of well being. This is so simple, yet so powerful!

Here are some techniques to try:

  • If your pet is a senior, find a “baby” photo of them when they were young, cute and overflowing with lively energy. Focus on that photo. Send Reiki to the photo with the intent for healing to reach into the present. Remember back to those days of cuteness and curiosity. How does it make you feel? Does it light up your memory and your emotions? Let these feelings stay with you as you interact with your pet today. Imagine the youthful exuberance still there, in the joyful soulful personality of your companion, no matter what his current condition may be. If you adopted your pet as a senior, then use your imagination and envision your pet as an adorable youngster.
  • If your animal is young and ill, or has physical or emotional problems, then just hold a mental picture in your mind and your heart center of what he/she looked like before such illness or what you would imagine him looking like if he were completely healed.
  • Sit quietly — in a meditative/contemplative state and let the Reiki flow. Form a mental image of your pet as a picture of complete physical/emotional health. Imagine your animal surrounded by a bubble of white healing light.
  • Sit with or near your animal. Get into a calm and relaxed frame of mind. Let the Reiki energy flow in. Imagine that your heart is filled with the emotion of harmony. Imagine this sense of harmony radiating out from your heart to the heart of your animal. “See” your pet as calm and balanced. This is especially helpful in coping with animals that have aggression or fear issues.
  • Connect with your animal energetically. You can imagine a fine pink energetic cord that connects your heart to the heart of your animal. “Talk” to your animal, either aloud or with mental pictures/words and let him know you are there for him, are supporting him in terms of any healing he may want or need. Be open and receptive to any information that you may get back from him, in terms of your senses, mental pictures or emotions.

Keeping a vital image of your pet at the forefront of your conscious thoughts is key to keeping both of your energies high and your vibrations as healthy as possible. Give this visualization process a try –and see for yourself how effective it may be when you put your mind and heart into it. And certainly offer the gentle yet powerful healing energy of Reiki along each step of your journey with your cherished pet.

Reiki – A Lifelong Journey

Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, is believed to have originally discovered Reiki more as a system of spiritual enlightenment. That is, until he realized that he had received a wonderful gift that helped people heal. Then he dedicated his newfound abilities to working with all who needed healing.

Here in the West, Reiki is steadily gaining popularity as a healing system. It is definitely picking up momentum, increased credibility and is becoming more of a mainstream complementary and alternative modality.

For each Practitioner, it can be a very different and unique path. But it is a process AND a journey. Learning First and Second Degree levels may only take two or three days, but the impact can be felt throughout one’s lifetime — and in a most beneficial way. One’s odyssey of self-healing, self-discovery and enlightenment is always ongoing. For the newly-trained Practitioner, it is exciting to be opening to all the possibilities and opportunities that flow forth…

An attunement, or spiritual blessing, also known as an initiation (and Reiju in Japanese), can be a powerful experience for many, but whether it is powerful or just very peaceful, the result is almost always significant. It is the attunement process (passed along by the Teacher to the student) that conveys the ability to bring in the Reiki energy. It imparts this beneficial capability, connecting the student’s energy pathways to the source of Reiki. Do I know how this happens — no, not exactly. But I DO know that it is effective. And I do know that it is immediate.

Though sometimes great importance is placed on the attunement, this procedure is simply the beginning. It is up to a student how far this amazing journey will take him or her.

It most often begins to shift one’s life, first resulting in the release of some difficult emotions or beliefs in order to pave the way for greater healing and harmony within one’s entire being — on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Once your are attuned to Reiki, you are always attuned. It is not something you ever lose if you don’t use it. I’ve recently met a number of practitioners who have recently gone “back” to using Reiki after not using it for many years. They are now rediscovering it and realizing the wonderful benefits. And they are quite eager about picking up on this journey where they left off, and moving very joyfully ahead.

But it is certainly better to use this lovely energy in a consistent way and make it part of your daily life.

It is my experience that Reiki opens up a magnificent doorway to connecting with the Universal life force energy, as well as connecting further with one’s inner guidance, Higher Self, etc. As long as you are open and welcoming to a fascinating and exciting road, then enjoy each Reiki step along the way — and enjoy the peaceful and harmonious benefits that will fill your life…

Reiki Healing – Practitioner and Client Discussion Prior to a Session

Have you ever faced this scenario: you have a new client who is quite talkative and the pre-treatment discussion seems to go on and on to the point where it seems like you will never get the client onto your Reiki table and into a state of deep relaxation…

Is there such a thing as too much talk? Each client brings their own set of life experiences as well as their own set of expectations into the healing space. Some people are more informed about the Reiki modality than others. Some have done thorough research and reading, usually on the internet. Others have been recommended to have a session (usually by a friend or family member) so they obligingly sought you out. But they don’t quite know what Reiki is. They just know that they would like to try it!

Either type of client may have a long list of questions that they would like answered before they feel comfortable getting onto the table.

As a Practitioner, you need to willingly and intelligently respond to their questions — sometimes this can be challenging.

I have found that in my own practice, I have numerous clients who are seeking more of an emotional healing. Sometimes that can be more complex than someone who has, for instance, a “bad” back that they would like healed or improved.

I do let all clients know that Reiki can address any issue on any level — physical, emotional, mental or sometimes even spiritual. But clients who are seeking healing on the emotional level may be extremely stressed, and very out of balance, possibly requiring more conversation in the sense that some may want to explain their emotional situation in vivid detail. (Note: since Reiki is a complimentary and alternative modality, it can be used in conjunction with other traditional therapies, one of which could be either a psychologist or social worker.)

Sometimes an aspect of pre-treatment discussion is purely a Question and Answer period about the Reiki healing system itself. You may be asked questions such as “Can you explain a bit more about energy healing?” or “How many sessions are generally recommended?” etc.

I do prefer a client be ready and confident to lay down on the Reiki table, and be open to receive relaxation and healing benefits. Most of the time that means  having a detailed and full discussion about the forthcoming session.

However, when discussions veer off on tangents and non-related matters, you as a Practitioner must bring the focus back to the moment at hand. Also, you may have to keep a “peripheral eye” on the clock to ensure you are leaving enough time for the actual treatment session. (That is the prime reason I have actually lengthened all my first sessions.)

At some point you may have to gently end the conversation and let the client know it is now time for them to position themselves on the Reiki table.

Do remember or take into consideration leaving some time after the session for the client to share any experiences that they wish to share. It is likely that someone who is quite talkative prior to the session may be just as talkative AFTER the session, so plan accordingly. Hopefully, your client will be so deeply relaxed, peaceful and luxuriating in the place of healing that they may wish to share, but not in a lengthy or prolonged way.

Try to manage your session time well and professionally. Strive for that balance of allowing enough time to support your client with discussion, as well as ensuring that their experience receiving Reiki energy is peaceful and long enough for true relaxation. I do believe it is in that serene space of relaxation that the healing environment is created with the client’s body and energetic field, and the healing process really begins to unfold in a powerful way…

Animal Reiki – Remaining Calm, Centered and Patient During a First Session

When a human client visits for a session, they lay down on the Reiki table, ready, willing and open to receive the flow of healing energy. Though each treatment session is somewhat unique, most sessions have a similarity to one another. And I know with much certainty that the person will remain on that table for the full allotted time. They are not going to become excited and run around the room. They are not going to wander out of my line of sight. They are not going to grab a quick snack or play with a toy!

However, obviously with an animal, the situation may be vastly different. If you have been called to the home of a pet for the very first time, remember that you are a compete stranger to that animal. As much as you set your intention for healing, and as kind as you are, as much as you love animals — you are still an outsider and an unknown to that particular animal — and you may be viewed with caution, or even hostility at first. Of course, many pets are friendly and accepting of newcomers, but not all react peacefully.

That is why it is essential to be very patient and understanding and know that acceptance — of both your presence AND the Reiki energy you are offering — may take a little time.

Yes, I’ve had many animals sense that I am a caring and non-threatening two-legged being and so they are comfortable deeply relaxing into their first treatment. It is so fulfilling and heartwarming when this scenario plays out.

Other times, despite my kind intentions and my letting the animal know they are safe with me — they keep their distance and shy away. Or they may even growl or hiss, or make sounds that are not of the friendly kind. They may not exhibit those signs of acceptance such as yawning, laying down, looking relaxed or drifting off into a Reiki nap.

If an animal continues to exhibit anxiety throughout an initial session, simply remain peaceful, nonplused, and in the centered “Reiki space.” (But not with your eyes closed, for safety reasons.) You may need to remind the animal’s person that energy travels and that a hands-off treatment is quite effective. Many people seem to feel (and some are quite insistent) that you must touch their animal. Be diplomatic.

With more anxious or frightful animals, it is possible that they are rescues with a difficult past, but sometimes it is just the animal’s disposition, and they may have been with their person since “fur babyhood.” And sometimes animals are territorial and resent your intrusion into their “territory.”

So don’t be too disheartened if an animal isn’t too keen on the first Reiki session. One thing you can do is to send some distant Reiki to the animal for a short while over the next day or two or three to help foster a better, more relaxed connection.

DO offer and encourage a second session, even if things have not gone so smoothly. I have found that often the second and third sessions show a remarkable shift toward a much greater acceptance and much deeper relaxation.

Interestingly enough, even after a first session that I perceived as not being particularly peaceful — or where I wasn’t sure the animal was accepting anything — I have often had amazing reports of significant improvement following that session. Always remain open-minded, flexible and as non-judgement as possible. Let the healing energy just flow for that animal’s Highest Good. Be secure in the knowing that Reiki always brings benefits…

Reiki – Healing Reaction for Emotional Release

A “healing reaction,” sometimes referred to as a “cleansing reaction” is something that may occur in those experiencing a Reiki session or even an attunement for the first time. This can present itself in a variety of ways, the most common being an emotional release of tears, or sometimes increased thirst or fatigue.

Though this is unique to the individual, it appears to relate to pent-up emotion of the negative kind. If one has experienced a turbulent period in ones life, or even something traumatic, that person may be carrying around the conscious and/or subconscious burden of the stress of these life challenges. Everyone has “emotional baggage” that comes from their accumulated life experiences. Some people are able to acknowledge, process and release it more easily than others. Some repress these difficult emotions.

If you have bottled up these types of emotions, buried them deep within, then they may need to flow to the surface in order to be released for a full healing to take place.

We must remember that Reiki heals on all levels — physical, mental/emotional and even spiritual. Even if one is sure they are seeking a healing just of the physical kind, the wisdom of the Reiki energy might begin to work on emotional healing first, as that could be the root of the physical manifestation.

The first time I experienced a Reiki treatment was after a dramatically difficult period of my life. There is no doubt that I was a wellspring of negative emotions that had accumulated over many years. When my Practitioner told me I might experience tears, I just shrugged and figured that I was too stoic to cry in front of this woman I had just met for the first time.

However, as the session progressed — the tears DID flow — freely and powerfully. I was quite surprised at that, but looking back, it was exactly the release that I needed. In addition, after that very first session, I was extraordinarily tired, a feeling of utter exhaustion that remained with me for about three weeks. (It is interesting to note that most teachers now advise new students to make time for a self-healing process for at least 21 days after their Level I attunement. This is based on Mikao Usui’s 21-day fast and meditation on Mount Kurama, where he first became enlightened with Reiki.)

My own personal exhaustion caused concern for me, as I was working full-time then and by lunchtime I could barely keep my eyes open. I was relieved when I finally regained my energy and felt much better, brighter and “cleansed.” However, I did not want another Reiki session for quite awhile, as I was a bit fearful that I would be so tired again. At that time, I had no clue that it was merely a one-time expression of overflowing negativity rising to the surface to release — something that was actually a healing reaction.

If you are a Practitioner, it is important to let Reiki recipients know that they may possibly experience some manifestation of the healing. This can show up not only in the ways described above, but also the opposite of those reactions. Sometimes after a session, an individual can be extremely energized or may feel a remarkable and powerful surge of uplifting energy.

As for my own dramatic healing reaction, fortunately I have not had any of my students or clients report back to me that they had anything so lengthy.

At my last Healing Circle, one of the new participants had a very profound healing reaction during her session. I think it first caused her some embarrassment, as the tears and sobs were welling up in a setting where there were many people in attendance. We all assured her that this reaction was natural and healthy, and encouraged her to go with it, and allow the tears and the emotions to flow and to release. We all knew and trusted that the wisdom of the Universal Life Force energy was bringing her exactly the healing that she needed at that moment in time.

Animal Reiki – Preparation Before A Session

It is such a radiant benefit to fully prepare oneself in advance of an Animal Reiki session — to begin to set the atmosphere into a space of healing.

Of course, if you are offering Reiki to your own pets, this doesn’t fully apply, but it’s a great help if you are going to a shelter, a client, or the home of a family member or friend to work with their animal(s).

The more you set the stage so-to-speak, the more easily and effective the treatment will proceed!

The very first step is to make sure you are not hungry, thirsty or overly tired. Animals are able to intuitively sense everything about us, so it’s essential to be grounded and centered, feeling as peaceful as possible.

I highly recommend taking a few minutes to focus on your breathing or spending a short while in meditation.

If you are Level II or above, make sure to make use of the symbols. Call upon the Distant Healing Symbol and begin to send Reiki in advance. Ask for the energy to begin to flow for the Highest Good of the animal, the animal’s person, situation, etc. Even a few minutes of this can be amazingly helpful. And you will feel calmer, more empowered, more connected both to Reiki and to the animal — even before you arrive at the animal’s location. Also, the animal will likely be more peaceful as well, and more open to receive a treatment.

When I was a Reiki volunteer at a dog shelter, I would always prepare myself and even in the car, as I was on my way to the shelter, I would call in the energy ahead of time, as well as ask for harmony and balance for myself as offering Reiki to the needy shelter dogs could be very challenging.

So by “pre-paving” the way energetically, you can begin to create that lovely healing space even before the treatment actually begins. It helps one to get into the mindset of just “being Reiki” as one offers energy to the animals. This can result in a very profound connection to the furry or winged creatures with whom you will connect.

Reiki Healing – The Basics and Benefits

I receive so many inquiries about Reiki — which is a wonderful thing! Many people have heard of it, but are not sure exactly what it is. To those who have no clue, it might seem like a step away from “magic” or even worse — “voodoo” — and some just wonder if it is “out there.”

One of my goals is to enlighten people about this healing technique and to help it gain popularity as part of mainstream life. A year or two ago, when Dr. Oz featured a segment about complementary and alternative modalities on his well-known TV show, he included Reiki and this was a fantastic boost for this healing system. He explained that his wife is a Reiki Master and that Reiki is often used in their household with fantastic benefits for members of his family.

Reiki is used in many hospitals and one specifically is Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York City. Patients receiving treatments can experience: quicker healing from surgery, reduced pain, and lessened side effects from standard cancer treatments of chemotherapy and radiation.

Some surgeons have even used Reiki practitioners in operating rooms to help procedures flow smoothly and to energetically assist patients with more positive outcomes and quicker recovery. So we’ve come a long way from “voodoo” — thank goodness! But there is still a long way to go to have this healing method well accepted and perhaps even recommended by doctors, particularly when traditional medical treatments are not working for a patient. It would be open-minded for doctors to consider other techniques and this may become more widely accepted in the time to come.

And also, as acupuncture is growing in its acceptance, I think Reiki may be following close in its footsteps to some degree.

So when I talk to people about Reiki, particularly those who may only have a glimmer of an idea about it, I do communicate the following points and explain the Reiki is:

  • a relaxation and stress reduction technique that promotes healing
  • an energy healing system
  • a complementary and alternative therapy
  • a holistic or natural healing system
  •  a technique that guides the body to create a healing environment
  •  a system that heals on all levels: physical, mental/emotional & even spiritual
  •  a modality that helps balance or correct the flow of energy in and around the physical body to return it to a positive state of health

I also may explain the meaning of the word Reiki. “Rei” means spiritually guided or universally guided and “ki” refers to the life force energy (often called chi or prana in other cultures) that flows through a living being. So Reiki is a system that employs the use of Universal Life Force Energy or “Spiritually” Guided Life Force Energy.

As to the healing benefits of a session, the two most common basic ones are:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Feeling of warmth, glowing radiance, tingling, joy

At the beginning of a session, I encourage a client to be open to whatever they need to receive for their own healing at this particular moment in time. And I do assure clients that even after one session there is a creation of a healing environment within them which will help to jumpstart the healing process on all levels.

I also let clients know what Reiki is not: an instantaneous miracle cure.

Has Reiki resulted in some amazing healings – absolutely! However, most people are seeking (and hoping) that one session will solve all their issues — both physical and emotional. But like most other forms of healing, including traditional medicine, multiple sessions are often required to bring the body back into the harmony of a healing synergy. Do you go to the doctor expecting to be completely healed after just one office visit? There is usually a course of treatment, numerous visits, perhaps medication or physical therapy — or even sometimes surgery and recovery.

So even with Reiki, a client’s patience and a commitment to healing is truly key. Once a client fully understands this and has the strong inner intention to commit to their healing that may involve numerous sessions as well as an openness to embrace positivity and improvement, then that is usually when the most effective results are experienced.

So do bring this lovely, radiant modality into your life, if you haven’t already. You will reap glorious and joyful healing benefits!

Animal Reiki – Offering Healing Energy to Your Own Pets

Animal Reiki for one’s own beloved pets is quite a different thing from offering healing energy to a wild, feral or aggressive animal. With your own creatures — who are pretty much family to you — you can be more confident and certainly not have to worry about safety, unless your pet is a recently adopted shelter rescue with a difficult or unknown past.

With your own pets, you can feel so totally comfortable and connected, because in all likelihood, you ARE already very close and connected with them in a strong “synergy” of love and caring. And Reiki will only serve to strengthen that bond.

However, even though you feel secure with your own pets, not every animal takes to the energy right away. So as with any animal, it’s important to respect the creature’s wishes. And just because you are working with your own sweet pet, it doesn’t mean he/she is going to want to start with hands-on healing right away. If your animal is relatively new to Reiki and/or you are a newer Practitioner, do begin with the hands-off approach. Many Practitioners, who have not learned the hands off approach, will try to force hands-on and often find that their animals are not interested, are wary, and may even completely leave the room. Some animals find touch (at least at the beginning) too intense for them, particularly if the animal is a small one.

So, just sit near your pet and allow the energy flow. Let them know what you are doing and explain that they can take as much or as little Reiki as they are comfortable with. You can sit on a chair, or if you are comfortable and flexible enough, right on the floor at their level. Truly let them know that they are a partner in this process. If you “offer” the energy to them as opposed to beaming or forcing it upon them, they are more likely to be accepting and will happily come closer to investigate. And let them guide you as to when they are ready to experience hands-on. For some it may be right away!

My own dog loves Reiki — but on his terms, and he very rarely likes hands on, even though he is the epitome of the affectionate Golden Retriever. He prefers me to sit very nearby. And truthfully, if he had his way, he would lay under my Reiki table with every client who comes for a session! He loves to catch the “run-off Reiki” as I have come to call it — the energy that fills the room, but I believe he senses it emanating from the table area. Of course, I don’t allow him to do this when I have clients, unless the clients are family, friends or true pet lovers that already know him and enjoy his company.

For your own pets, just be sensitive to their individual needs. If you offer Reiki to them on a regular basis, they will come to request it when they need or want it. One of my cats periodically positions himself on my chest and lets me know in his own feline way that he would like some Reiki (hands on) and so I oblige. But if I just go to offer it to him, most of the time he is too “busy” wandering, jumping and playing and will run away. You will learn the clear signs that your pet(s) would like a session. And because they live with you, a session can be as long or short as you have time for — and keeping with their attention span and desire for it.

So go ahead, and let your furry or winged friends know that you will offer them a Reiki session in whatever way is comfortable and peaceful for them. And you can both enjoy the beautiful radiance of the energy as if flows, truly empowering the human/animal bond.

Reiki – Letting Go of Fear-Based Beliefs

As a practitioner, are you extremely concerned about picking up the negativity of others, or the “bad” karma of others as you offer them Reiki?

I have found that Practitioners vary in their response to that question. While many just wrap themselves in a strong and lovely cocoon of Reiki healing light, there are those that feel that they consistently pick up on the issues, challenges and even physical symptoms of others. And when they do, it affects their own sense of balance and harmony. They feel the need to “protect” themselves from anything discordant that could accidentally brush off on them.

I respect everyone’s viewpoint. However, I believe that if one can strengthen their own “light” and tap in to the wisdom of both their inner guidance and/or the Universe, then it is easier to let go of fear-based thinking. Reiki is a beautiful and powerful healing system, one which helps us access the most joyful, harmonious places in our consciousness and soul.

So why should we focus our minds on the potential negativity of others? That is an extremely human way of thinking. For as “spiritual beings having a human experience” we sometimes give in to limiting beliefs and fear-based outlooks that are certainly part of the human experience.

With Reiki, I do believe we come from a true place of healing, compassion, love, light and peacefulness and if we can just bathe ourselves in that knowing, then all fear-based attitudes will fall away. We will be surrounded by the powerful radiance that Reiki can provide.

Now, some of our “rituals” that we learn as practitioners do cater to this limited way of thinking. However, if we see the ritual in a more neutral way, and not something to get too caught up in, then our perspective can shift.

As an example, there is a Japanese Reiki technique called “Kenyoku Ho,” also known as “dry bathing” because the act of performing this simulates a kind of “bathing motion” of clearing ourselves. Many people look upon this technique solely as a method to “get rid” of a client’s negativity, illness, discord or disease and so will utilize it as such. Something to be done at the end of a session. Which is fine if you feel comfortable with this.

But it is also something that can be used at the beginning of the day to center and ground yourself, and call in the Reiki energy. It is also something that is used in traditional Japanese attunements (the “spiritual blessing” process of awakening a person’s connection to the source of Reiki.)

So one can view this particular ritual as a more positive aspect, or a more negative manner of clearing-away-someone’s bad-Karma kind of ritual. But that is a personal choice.

I encourage you to make a conscious effort to let go of fear-based ways of thinking and limiting self-talk, and to trust in Reiki. Trust in the brilliantly beneficial light of Reiki. The more you accept the broad perspective of a friendly, healing Universe, the happier you will be in life, and your connection to the Reiki energy can only expand in a joyful, harmonious and powerful way. After all, isn’t it better to embrace love and healing whole-heartedly and with every figurative fiber of one’s soul?