My Path To Healing

Sheryl Schlameuss Berger, RMT

This journey has been an amazing one for me – from a dark, bleak period of my life into a bright, vibrant exciting and joyful life stage. The amazing transformation happened within the last five years or so – and this is definitely the first period in my life that I can say from the heart (and shout to the world) that I am supremely HAPPY!

The year 2000 started with a totally unexpected and traumatic custody battle waged by my former husband over our two children. My children felt torn apart, and I went through nightmarish legal and courtroom battles for nearly three years.

During this whole ordeal, I felt submerged under a murky ocean where I could see no light. As I slowly began to swim upward – a painful, but steady process, I emerged encased in physical symptoms resulting from stressful stormy years. I ended up with irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux and breast cancer. After all my treatments for the cancer, I decided I had better start living my life in a vastly different way!

An acquaintance of mine had become a Reiki Practitioner and then a Master, during the period I was experiencing my own challenging times. I assumed this modality of Reiki was probably extremely beneficial, but really had no clue about this gentle, yet powerful holistic system.

After experiencing a Reiki treatment myself, I felt the years of “toxins” flowing out of my body and I was extremely tired afterward. The detoxification process continued for several weeks, and I emerged from this feeling much clearer and calmer.

Most people who receive Reiki for the first time are usually radiantly relaxed and some are wonderfully energized. It depends on the person and their individual needs. Most do not experience anything as intense as I did, but I suspect my whole body had been filled with many years of negative emotion.

I had several Reiki treatments, and found these sessions supremely relaxing and healing and I decided that I must learn this technique. And so began my journey from newcomer to Reiki teacher, with much personal development in-between. Learning to be a holistic healer truly started me along the path to my own enlightenment and joy.

When I think of the negativity I grew up with in my childhood home, the difficult times I endured within the confines of my first marriage, the divorce and custody challenges, I realize how far I have come from all those negative years of my life. I am wholeheartedly satisfied with the emotional and spiritual place where I am today – it is an incredible transformation that I have experienced. If I can find this sense of peaceful living, then I’m sure anyone can!

P.S. I am remarried to a wonderful, communicative, supportive man. Between the two of us we have four children who are all grown now, and have matured into responsible, well-balanced adults. They continue to share a caring, loving blended family bond!