Reiki – Letting Go of Fear-Based Beliefs

As a practitioner, are you extremely concerned about picking up the negativity of others, or the “bad” karma of others as you offer them Reiki?

I have found that Practitioners vary in their response to that question. While many just wrap themselves in a strong and lovely cocoon of Reiki healing light, there are those that feel that they consistently pick up on the issues, challenges and even physical symptoms of others. And when they do, it affects their own sense of balance and harmony. They feel the need to “protect” themselves from anything discordant that could accidentally brush off on them.

I respect everyone’s viewpoint. However, I believe that if one can strengthen their own “light” and tap in to the wisdom of both their inner guidance and/or the Universe, then it is easier to let go of fear-based thinking. Reiki is a beautiful and powerful healing system, one which helps us access the most joyful, harmonious places in our consciousness and soul.

So why should we focus our minds on the potential negativity of others? That is an extremely human way of thinking. For as “spiritual beings having a human experience” we sometimes give in to limiting beliefs and fear-based outlooks that are certainly part of the human experience.

With Reiki, I do believe we come from a true place of healing, compassion, love, light and peacefulness and if we can just bathe ourselves in that knowing, then all fear-based attitudes will fall away. We will be surrounded by the powerful radiance that Reiki can provide.

Now, some of our “rituals” that we learn as practitioners do cater to this limited way of thinking. However, if we see the ritual in a more neutral way, and not something to get too caught up in, then our perspective can shift.

As an example, there is a Japanese Reiki technique called “Kenyoku Ho,” also known as “dry bathing” because the act of performing this simulates a kind of “bathing motion” of clearing ourselves. Many people look upon this technique solely as a method to “get rid” of a client’s negativity, illness, discord or disease and so will utilize it as such. Something to be done at the end of a session. Which is fine if you feel comfortable with this.

But it is also something that can be used at the beginning of the day to center and ground yourself, and call in the Reiki energy. It is also something that is used in traditional Japanese attunements (the “spiritual blessing” process of awakening a person’s connection to the source of Reiki.)

So one can view this particular ritual as a more positive aspect, or a more negative manner of clearing-away-someone’s bad-Karma kind of ritual. But that is a personal choice.

I encourage you to make a conscious effort to let go of fear-based ways of thinking and limiting self-talk, and to trust in Reiki. Trust in the brilliantly beneficial light of Reiki. The more you accept the broad perspective of a friendly, healing Universe, the happier you will be in life, and your connection to the Reiki energy can only expand in a joyful, harmonious and powerful way. After all, isn’t it better to embrace love and healing whole-heartedly and with every figurative fiber of one’s soul?


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