Animal Reiki – Preparation Before A Session

It is such a radiant benefit to fully prepare oneself in advance of an Animal Reiki session — to begin to set the atmosphere into a space of healing.

Of course, if you are offering Reiki to your own pets, this doesn’t fully apply, but it’s a great help if you are going to a shelter, a client, or the home of a family member or friend to work with their animal(s).

The more you set the stage so-to-speak, the more easily and effective the treatment will proceed!

The very first step is to make sure you are not hungry, thirsty or overly tired. Animals are able to intuitively sense everything about us, so it’s essential to be grounded and centered, feeling as peaceful as possible.

I highly recommend taking a few minutes to focus on your breathing or spending a short while in meditation.

If you are Level II or above, make sure to make use of the symbols. Call upon the Distant Healing Symbol and begin to send Reiki in advance. Ask for the energy to begin to flow for the Highest Good of the animal, the animal’s person, situation, etc. Even a few minutes of this can be amazingly helpful. And you will feel calmer, more empowered, more connected both to Reiki and to the animal — even before you arrive at the animal’s location. Also, the animal will likely be more peaceful as well, and more open to receive a treatment.

When I was a Reiki volunteer at a dog shelter, I would always prepare myself and even in the car, as I was on my way to the shelter, I would call in the energy ahead of time, as well as ask for harmony and balance for myself as offering Reiki to the needy shelter dogs could be very challenging.

So by “pre-paving” the way energetically, you can begin to create that lovely healing space even before the treatment actually begins. It helps one to get into the mindset of just “being Reiki” as one offers energy to the animals. This can result in a very profound connection to the furry or winged creatures with whom you will connect.

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