Love Is – Positive Thoughts and Inspired Musings

Love is kind. Love is profound. Love originates in the heart and emanates in waves of radiant compassion. Love intensifies. Love engages. Love intertwines. Love extends and blends. Love creates. Love spins magic. Love is the beginning — and the end. Love is the wonder, the excitement, the exhilaration. Love warms (and love burns…)

Love […]

Limiting Beliefs – Let Go and Create New Empowering Thoughts

What beliefs are holding you down? Do you feel you are not smart enough, tall enough, thin enough, agile enough, motivated enough — or all of the above? Some people (perhaps most) never feel they are worthy of success, abundance, prosperity, harmonious relationships, love, etc. At times we feel like we will never get anywhere […]

Positive Thinking – Release Ingrained Negative Thought Patterns

We all get caught up in negative thought patterns at times, but how do you feel when are so immersed in that loop of thinking? Your whole being can feel out of balance, and sometimes downright stressed, fatigued, depressed and resentful. It is painful to be that way all the time or even most of […]

Positive Affirmations – Feel-Good Statements For Personal Transformation

Reciting an affirmation or two every day is helpful — but is that really enough to bring about the manifestation and accomplishment you are seeking? Affirmations — those glorious, feel-good statements — are an amazing way to set the personal transformation process in motion. However, they are only the beginning step.

I often write about […]