Attracting Abundance – Consciously Creating An Attitude of Prosperity

Do you experience a sense of prosperity and abundance? Do you have a healthy flow of money to pay your bills and provide for extras? Everybody likes to talk about financial abundance because that is something we all aspire to — unless we are sitting in a monastery somewhere or have taken a vow of […]

Positive Thinking – Write Your New, Uplifting Life Story

“It is not from where you come, but where you are now in joy, and where you are headed with enlightenment.” ~Sheryl Schlameuss Berger

Negativity. Dysfunction. Insecurity. Depression. These were the themes of my family life throughout my childhood. It wasn’t a pretty picture. My father was a domineering, it’s-my-way-or-the-highway type of individual. He yelled, […]

Divine Timing – Surrendering to the Wisdom of the Universe

Sometimes we want something so badly — we wish for it, we pray for it, we call upon the Law of Attraction. We focus all our energy on it, impatiently waiting for it to manifest. And sometimes it does happen right away, almost magically.

Yet other times, it remains just beyond our grasp. We can […]

Life Challenges and Change – Creating from Contrast

“And now here you are, an extension of Source Energy — focused in the environment of perfect contrast and balance, just as you have intended — exploring, deciding, preferring, creating, and becoming.” — Abraham-Hicks

Contrast and change are the stuff of which life is made. It’s that way from the day we are born all […]

Focus on Gratitude – Appreciate Your Way To Joy and Abundance

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.” ~~Anthony Robbins

Does the significance of gratitude impact your own life? The great motivational/inspirational teachers encourage us to bring more supreme appreciation into our lives. It is said to be a powerful force that can shift our lives.

By focusing on those beautiful, lovely things and […]

The Momentum of Good – Shifting Our Thoughts Toward Healing For Our Planet

What we give our attention to expands and grows — regardless of whether it is positive or negative, or good or bad. Could this also apply to the recent oil-spill tragedy in the Gulf? If we continue to give negative emphasis and angry energy directed to BP, its President, corporate identity and Board, wouldn’t that […]

Attracting Better Health – Focus On Wellness Instead of Illness

When I usually catch up with people over the phone or in person, the conversation seems to quickly turn to the individual’s state of health – or more often, their state of non-health. Of course, health plays a major role in our lives, but why is it that people seem to just zero in so […]

The Splendor of the Now

Friday Musing in Poetry Form

Today I revel in the splendor of the now, feel each moment brush sweetly against my skin I embrace the world that surrounds me, the sounds, the scents, and vibrations – I breathe in

Today I make plans for tomorrow and choose goals that align with my passion I […]

Law of Attraction – Choose Your Thoughts Wisely

“Dwelling on any unhappy moment in life is like channel surfing through a thousand possible TV shows, selecting the one that troubles you the most, and then blaming your TV set for the pain you’re feeling.” – Guy Finley

You may have to read that quotation a few times for it to sink in. But […]

Raising Your Vibration – Key to Successful Attraction and Better Health

Sheryl Feeling Joyful

The basic idea behind Quantum Physics is that we are all made up of energy vibrating at different rates. This has resulted in many amazing and beneficial ways to consider and expand our own personal energy.

When we experience good-feeling emotions, we are vibrating along with the healthy, positive flow of […]