Reiki – Healing Reaction for Emotional Release

A “healing reaction,” sometimes referred to as a “cleansing reaction” is something that may occur in those experiencing a Reiki session or even an attunement for the first time. This can present itself in a variety of ways, the most common being an emotional release of tears, or sometimes increased thirst or fatigue.

Though this […]

Reiki – A Catalyst for Self-Healing

When I first decided to learn Reiki, I had no plans on starting a practice and certainly no thoughts on becoming a teacher. Yet, here I am doing just that — and finding it to be extremely fulfilling. Days that I have clients/and or students are days that are filled with light, joy and satisfaction. […]

Reiki Healing – The Wisdom of the Energy

We are all taught about what is known as the “wisdom” of Reiki — or, as I tell my own students, the phrase “Reiki has its own wisdom — it goes where it needs to go.” This is actually the beauty of this holistic modality in that the Practitioner does not need to direct or […]

Reiki Healing – Set Your Intention for the Energy to Flow

You may have heard that Reiki is about “intention.” I have had a number of students ask about this concept, and at first, they are not sure exactly what is meant by it. Well, it is about as simple as it sounds. The dictionary defines the term intention as “an act or instance of determining […]