Reiki – A Lifelong Journey

Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, is believed to have originally discovered Reiki more as a system of spiritual enlightenment. That is, until he realized that he had received a wonderful gift that helped people heal. Then he dedicated his newfound abilities to working with all who needed healing.

Here in the West, Reiki is steadily gaining popularity as a healing system. It is definitely picking up momentum, increased credibility and is becoming more of a mainstream complementary and alternative modality.

For each Practitioner, it can be a very different and unique path. But it is a process AND a journey. Learning First and Second Degree levels may only take two or three days, but the impact can be felt throughout one’s lifetime — and in a most beneficial way. One’s odyssey of self-healing, self-discovery and enlightenment is always ongoing. For the newly-trained Practitioner, it is exciting to be opening to all the possibilities and opportunities that flow forth…

An attunement, or spiritual blessing, also known as an initiation (and Reiju in Japanese), can be a powerful experience for many, but whether it is powerful or just very peaceful, the result is almost always significant. It is the attunement process (passed along by the Teacher to the student) that conveys the ability to bring in the Reiki energy. It imparts this beneficial capability, connecting the student’s energy pathways to the source of Reiki. Do I know how this happens — no, not exactly. But I DO know that it is effective. And I do know that it is immediate.

Though sometimes great importance is placed on the attunement, this procedure is simply the beginning. It is up to a student how far this amazing journey will take him or her.

It most often begins to shift one’s life, first resulting in the release of some difficult emotions or beliefs in order to pave the way for greater healing and harmony within one’s entire being — on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Once your are attuned to Reiki, you are always attuned. It is not something you ever lose if you don’t use it. I’ve recently met a number of practitioners who have recently gone “back” to using Reiki after not using it for many years. They are now rediscovering it and realizing the wonderful benefits. And they are quite eager about picking up on this journey where they left off, and moving very joyfully ahead.

But it is certainly better to use this lovely energy in a consistent way and make it part of your daily life.

It is my experience that Reiki opens up a magnificent doorway to connecting with the Universal life force energy, as well as connecting further with one’s inner guidance, Higher Self, etc. As long as you are open and welcoming to a fascinating and exciting road, then enjoy each Reiki step along the way — and enjoy the peaceful and harmonious benefits that will fill your life…

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