Reiki Healing – The Basics and Benefits

I receive so many inquiries about Reiki — which is a wonderful thing! Many people have heard of it, but are not sure exactly what it is. To those who have no clue, it might seem like a step away from “magic” or even worse — “voodoo” — and some just wonder if it is “out there.”

One of my goals is to enlighten people about this healing technique and to help it gain popularity as part of mainstream life. A year or two ago, when Dr. Oz featured a segment about complementary and alternative modalities on his well-known TV show, he included Reiki and this was a fantastic boost for this healing system. He explained that his wife is a Reiki Master and that Reiki is often used in their household with fantastic benefits for members of his family.

Reiki is used in many hospitals and one specifically is Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York City. Patients receiving treatments can experience: quicker healing from surgery, reduced pain, and lessened side effects from standard cancer treatments of chemotherapy and radiation.

Some surgeons have even used Reiki practitioners in operating rooms to help procedures flow smoothly and to energetically assist patients with more positive outcomes and quicker recovery. So we’ve come a long way from “voodoo” — thank goodness! But there is still a long way to go to have this healing method well accepted and perhaps even recommended by doctors, particularly when traditional medical treatments are not working for a patient. It would be open-minded for doctors to consider other techniques and this may become more widely accepted in the time to come.

And also, as acupuncture is growing in its acceptance, I think Reiki may be following close in its footsteps to some degree.

So when I talk to people about Reiki, particularly those who may only have a glimmer of an idea about it, I do communicate the following points and explain the Reiki is:

  • a relaxation and stress reduction technique that promotes healing
  • an energy healing system
  • a complementary and alternative therapy
  • a holistic or natural healing system
  •  a technique that guides the body to create a healing environment
  •  a system that heals on all levels: physical, mental/emotional & even spiritual
  •  a modality that helps balance or correct the flow of energy in and around the physical body to return it to a positive state of health

I also may explain the meaning of the word Reiki. “Rei” means spiritually guided or universally guided and “ki” refers to the life force energy (often called chi or prana in other cultures) that flows through a living being. So Reiki is a system that employs the use of Universal Life Force Energy or “Spiritually” Guided Life Force Energy.

As to the healing benefits of a session, the two most common basic ones are:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Feeling of warmth, glowing radiance, tingling, joy

At the beginning of a session, I encourage a client to be open to whatever they need to receive for their own healing at this particular moment in time. And I do assure clients that even after one session there is a creation of a healing environment within them which will help to jumpstart the healing process on all levels.

I also let clients know what Reiki is not: an instantaneous miracle cure.

Has Reiki resulted in some amazing healings – absolutely! However, most people are seeking (and hoping) that one session will solve all their issues — both physical and emotional. But like most other forms of healing, including traditional medicine, multiple sessions are often required to bring the body back into the harmony of a healing synergy. Do you go to the doctor expecting to be completely healed after just one office visit? There is usually a course of treatment, numerous visits, perhaps medication or physical therapy — or even sometimes surgery and recovery.

So even with Reiki, a client’s patience and a commitment to healing is truly key. Once a client fully understands this and has the strong inner intention to commit to their healing that may involve numerous sessions as well as an openness to embrace positivity and improvement, then that is usually when the most effective results are experienced.

So do bring this lovely, radiant modality into your life, if you haven’t already. You will reap glorious and joyful healing benefits!

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