Healthier Eating – Foods to Reduce or Eliminate From Your Diet

So you’re saying positive affirmations, focusing on happy head talk, reading self-improvement books – what are you forgetting? Are you eating healthy, or did that one lifestyle segment fall between the cracks?

Our bodies were meant to be lean, smoothly-running biological machines. So what happened to us? Just take one look around and you’ll see […]

Healthier Eating – Adding More Organic Produce and Whole Foods To Your Diet

Are you eating better yet — or are you still having your share of junk food and fast food? In pursuing a path of positive, balanced living, a healthy diet (or at least an improved one) is definitely something we need to commit to on a daily basis!

Summertime Salads Are Super Healthy!


Healthy Eating – Organic Flexitarian Diet Option

Eat More Fresh Fruit!

I could not believe what a strange feeling it was being surrounded by all the aisles of boxes and cans of totally processed foods. I almost could feel all the chemicals and toxins lurking on the shelves, but I just walked on, amazed at how dramatically my eating habits have […]

Healthy Eating – Organic Raw Foods Are Better For You!

Fresh produce is so healthy!

A true “raw foodist” will advise: eat it only if it grows in the ground. Breakfast cereal flakes (even the oatmeal, granola and natural-sounding kinds) do not grow out of the ground. Slices of bread do not grow out of the ground. You get the general idea.

A raw-food […]

Mediterranean Diet – A Healthier Way To Live

What comes to mind when you think “Mediterranean” way of eating? If you said fish and olive oil, then that’s right on track! A recent news article stressed the benefits of eating the Mediterranean way. Studies have already shown that this kind of diet has been linked to reduced risk of stroke, diabetes (Type 2), […]