Animal Reiki – Remaining Calm, Centered and Patient During a First Session

When a human client visits for a session, they lay down on the Reiki table, ready, willing and open to receive the flow of healing energy. Though each treatment session is somewhat unique, most sessions have a similarity to one another. And I know with much certainty that the person will remain on that table for the full allotted time. They are not going to become excited and run around the room. They are not going to wander out of my line of sight. They are not going to grab a quick snack or play with a toy!

However, obviously with an animal, the situation may be vastly different. If you have been called to the home of a pet for the very first time, remember that you are a compete stranger to that animal. As much as you set your intention for healing, and as kind as you are, as much as you love animals — you are still an outsider and an unknown to that particular animal — and you may be viewed with caution, or even hostility at first. Of course, many pets are friendly and accepting of newcomers, but not all react peacefully.

That is why it is essential to be very patient and understanding and know that acceptance — of both your presence AND the Reiki energy you are offering — may take a little time.

Yes, I’ve had many animals sense that I am a caring and non-threatening two-legged being and so they are comfortable deeply relaxing into their first treatment. It is so fulfilling and heartwarming when this scenario plays out.

Other times, despite my kind intentions and my letting the animal know they are safe with me — they keep their distance and shy away. Or they may even growl or hiss, or make sounds that are not of the friendly kind. They may not exhibit those signs of acceptance such as yawning, laying down, looking relaxed or drifting off into a Reiki nap.

If an animal continues to exhibit anxiety throughout an initial session, simply remain peaceful, nonplused, and in the centered “Reiki space.” (But not with your eyes closed, for safety reasons.) You may need to remind the animal’s person that energy travels and that a hands-off treatment is quite effective. Many people seem to feel (and some are quite insistent) that you must touch their animal. Be diplomatic.

With more anxious or frightful animals, it is possible that they are rescues with a difficult past, but sometimes it is just the animal’s disposition, and they may have been with their person since “fur babyhood.” And sometimes animals are territorial and resent your intrusion into their “territory.”

So don’t be too disheartened if an animal isn’t too keen on the first Reiki session. One thing you can do is to send some distant Reiki to the animal for a short while over the next day or two or three to help foster a better, more relaxed connection.

DO offer and encourage a second session, even if things have not gone so smoothly. I have found that often the second and third sessions show a remarkable shift toward a much greater acceptance and much deeper relaxation.

Interestingly enough, even after a first session that I perceived as not being particularly peaceful — or where I wasn’t sure the animal was accepting anything — I have often had amazing reports of significant improvement following that session. Always remain open-minded, flexible and as non-judgement as possible. Let the healing energy just flow for that animal’s Highest Good. Be secure in the knowing that Reiki always brings benefits…

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