Reiki Training – The Attunement Experience

The Attunement is the term given to the unique process of initiating a student into a particular Level of Reiki training. It is considered a “spiritual blessing” — a sort of sacred ceremony to connect the student to the Source of the Reiki energy. In the classic Japanese Reiki tradition it is called a reiju.

Everyone who studies the Reiki system of natural healing will experience an attunement, sometimes several, depending on the lineage, the teacher’s background and the Level of Reiki being studied.

Those who are brand-new to to this modality, or contemplating taking a class, may wonder about this process. Often people might perceive this initiation as something mystical or magical. One of the Reiki manuals suggests that the attunement is a very powerful spiritual experience that can open up psychic channels.

However, the bottom line is that this initiation process awakens the ability for the newly trained student to bring in the flow of healing Reiki energy. For some, there are flashes of light or color. Some might feel very light and “floaty” as if they are connecting to another dimension.

However, in my own personal experience, most people seem to just go into a peaceful state of light meditation during the process. Though I do tell students that it is possible they could have an unusual experience of lights, colors, visions, images, etc., that if they don’t, the attunement is still effective, and they are now connected to the Source of Reiki energy. I assure them the attunement experience always works, as long as they remain emotionally open to receiving the initiation. And everyone who takes a class is open to this.

If one achieves a tranquil state of deep relaxation during the attunement, that is a beautiful experience. But regardless of individual experiences, after an attunement, a person is now a Practitioner of that level. All that needs to be done is to hold one’s hands over the person to be healed with the intention of letting Reiki energy flow — and the energy will most assuredly come forth for the Highest Good of the recipient.

On the day of an attunement, later in the day, sometimes people may feel a bit more tired or thirsty. A few people have told me they have experienced “attunement headaches” but that is not common. Some individuals might have a sense of rejuvenation and be very energized for the rest of the day — an attunement “high.”

In terms of differences in experiences, an interesting contrast that I observed was my initiation of a set of identical twin sisters into Level I. The first sister had a very major experience — and she remained in the bliss of the attunement energy for a long while, not wanting to come out of it. Her sister, who studied Level I at a later date, may have had the expectation of the same mystical experience, but basically just felt a quiet, calm sense of peace. I’m not sure if she was disappointed or not, but I reassured her that despite having a milder experience, she was now a Level I Practitioner, no different from her sister.

So be prepared for an experience that can range from gently peaceful to fascinatingly powerful, but do not set up your expectations for something totally other-worldly or psychic. You will not levitate up off your chair.

I totally believe that each person receives exactly what they need during this spiritual blessing experience, so just be open and receptive to becoming a conduit for the gentle, soothing Reiki energy…

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