Reiki For Your Life

handstreating4x3Reiki – Energetic Balance For Body, Mind and Spirit!

Reiki is a method of relaxation and stress reduction that also promotes healing. Japanese in origin, the word “Rei” means Universe or Spirit and “Ki” refers to the Life Force Energy that flows through all living things.

When one’s physical body is harmonious and balanced, and one’s energy is free-flowing and fluid, then one is in a positive state of health. When one’s energy field is weak, unbalanced and has blockages, then illness is usually present on some level, either physical or mental/emotional — or both.  Reiki is a natural, gentle, yet powerful way of re-balancing the flow of energy within and around the body toward optimal health.

Another simple way of looking at this modality is that Reiki helps the body create a healing environment  in order to achieve vibrant well-being. A Reiki Practitioner does not “heal” a client — he or she assists a client by energetically enhancing the recipient’s own healing ability.

During a Reiki session the Pracitioner may use a very light touch as well as hands held slightly above the body. Typically, a person receiving a treatment feels a warm, glowing radiance flowing throughout one’s being, and ususally becomes supremely relaxed. Any feelings of stress and anxiety tend to melt away.

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