Reiki Circles – Relaxation, Healing and Connection

I absolutely love the beautiful energy of the Reiki Circles that I host twice a month. The atmosphere during these events is so uplifting, healing and very “high-vibration.”

We begin with a guided imagery meditation to connect our energy and to get everyone into a relaxed and tranquil mood. Everyone closes their eyes and I […]

Animal Reiki – Having a Flexible and Adaptable Mindset

One of the most fundamental aspects of being an Animal Reiki practitioner is to be truly flexible with each session. After all, there are so many varied animals with which one can work and each session is so very unique. Even different sessions with the same animal can be totally varied.

The most significant point […]

Reiki – Tapping in to a Higher Consciousness

The word Reiki, being of Japanese origin, and as you most likely know, is composed of two words, the “Rei” and the “ki.” Rei means “spiritually guided” or “spiritual” and the ki refers to the life energy (same as chi or prana) that flows through all living beings. So Reiki can be considered spiritually-guided energy […]

Practicing Reiki – A Healing and Cleansing Process

I do believe that most people who have a Reiki session and/or become trained in the modality experience some form of what is termed a “healing reaction” or “cleansing reaction.” Have you personally ever felt this this?

I have written about this numerous times, simply because it is a relatively common experience. Such a reaction […]

Animal Reiki – Saving My Injured Semi-Feral Cat

It was June of last year and my partially-tamed feral cat, Grady, had experienced a puncture wound just under his tail, close to his rear end. I had noticed it and kept an eye on its progress of healing, doing Reiki for it when both time and cat permitted. At one point, it looked like […]

Practicing Reiki – Sessions on the Go

For a typical Reiki treatment, a client removes shoes only and then lays down on a Reiki table, which is similar to a massage table. The one-hour session may consist of 10-15 minutes of discussion with the remainder being table-time — the part where an individual deeply relaxes and is open to the healing benefits […]

Animal Reiki – Tuning in on a Soul Level

It is such a beautiful healing connection when you can truly tune in to your animal on a soul level — or as close as possible to this. It is easier to do this if you can genuinely release the outcome of the Reiki session that you are offering.

Simply ask your animal to take […]

Reiki – A Path to Awakening and Enlightenment

When Mikao Usui, the founder of the system of Reiki, sat up on Mt. Kurama in Japan in a meditational retreat — after 21 days, it is said that he was suddenly enlightened with the great Reiki energy. And this indeed was a life-changing event for him. Though no one is certain exactly what Usui’s […]

The Reiki Modality – Offering Light and Healing Energy

Reiki is known as a gentle, yet powerful healing system. It is gentle in the quality and feel of the energy, but potentially powerful in terms of effective results. Sometimes Practitioners are known as “Lightworkers.”

However, I personally consider myself a “healing facilitator” — a conduit for a lovely, radiant, soothing energy that emanates from […]

Animal Reiki – Be Present and in the Moment

During any Reiki session it is essential to keep focused on your client or the recipient of the healing energy. However, with human clients, they are not apt to jump up and run away or nip you or go look for food during a session. When offering Reiki to animals, it can be a completely […]