Animal Reiki – See Your Pet in the Highest Light

One of the five powerful Reiki Precepts is “Do not worry.” In terms of your animals, are you able to truly embrace the concept of “for today” putting aside worry, anxiety and just being in the present with your companion animal? Or are you given to extreme worry about everything from your animal’s past to any physical symptoms your animal is showing?

I find that many people get so caught up in the illness or condition of their pet in a negative way that this, in turn, adversely affects their animal. Animals are earthy, energetic beings who seem to have a sixth sense.

Because of this, they are so sensitive to us — our every move, our energy, and our own emotions. They sometimes know us better than we know ourselves. That is why it is essential to relax into the moment with our beloved creature-friends.

In fact, I believe that the most important lesson that we learn from our animals is about living in the NOW. They don’t worry about the past and they don’t plan an intricate future (except for maybe their belly reminding them of their next meal!) We have to connect with the reality that their outlook on past, present, future is totally different from the human perception of this abstract concept. Only then can we begin to provide an energetic sense of support that is truly beneficial to them.

When an animal is ill or out of balance, his body will use its own innate healing system to try to correct. Of course, both veterinary assistance and holistic methods, including Reiki, is something that we can do to help our little ones. But in addition, we can also adjust our overall attitude to be as positive as possible as a boost to the healing process.

That is why it is so beneficial to visualize your animal in the Highest Light.

What I mean by that is you need to develop your own mindset of health and wellness with regard to your pet. Despite whatever diagnosis, condition, etc — imagine (in your mind’s eye) your furbaby as completely healthy, whole and radiant. Visualize that he/she is filled with the positive energy of well being. This is so simple, yet so powerful!

Here are some techniques to try:

  • If your pet is a senior, find a “baby” photo of them when they were young, cute and overflowing with lively energy. Focus on that photo. Send Reiki to the photo with the intent for healing to reach into the present. Remember back to those days of cuteness and curiosity. How does it make you feel? Does it light up your memory and your emotions? Let these feelings stay with you as you interact with your pet today. Imagine the youthful exuberance still there, in the joyful soulful personality of your companion, no matter what his current condition may be. If you adopted your pet as a senior, then use your imagination and envision your pet as an adorable youngster.
  • If your animal is young and ill, or has physical or emotional problems, then just hold a mental picture in your mind and your heart center of what he/she looked like before such illness or what you would imagine him looking like if he were completely healed.
  • Sit quietly — in a meditative/contemplative state and let the Reiki flow. Form a mental image of your pet as a picture of complete physical/emotional health. Imagine your animal surrounded by a bubble of white healing light.
  • Sit with or near your animal. Get into a calm and relaxed frame of mind. Let the Reiki energy flow in. Imagine that your heart is filled with the emotion of harmony. Imagine this sense of harmony radiating out from your heart to the heart of your animal. “See” your pet as calm and balanced. This is especially helpful in coping with animals that have aggression or fear issues.
  • Connect with your animal energetically. You can imagine a fine pink energetic cord that connects your heart to the heart of your animal. “Talk” to your animal, either aloud or with mental pictures/words and let him know you are there for him, are supporting him in terms of any healing he may want or need. Be open and receptive to any information that you may get back from him, in terms of your senses, mental pictures or emotions.

Keeping a vital image of your pet at the forefront of your conscious thoughts is key to keeping both of your energies high and your vibrations as healthy as possible. Give this visualization process a try –and see for yourself how effective it may be when you put your mind and heart into it. And certainly offer the gentle yet powerful healing energy of Reiki along each step of your journey with your cherished pet.

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