Reiki – A Path to Awakening and Enlightenment

When Mikao Usui, the founder of the system of Reiki, sat up on Mt. Kurama in Japan in a meditational retreat — after 21 days, it is said that he was suddenly enlightened with the great Reiki energy. And this indeed was a life-changing event for him. Though no one is certain exactly what Usui’s intention was, it is believed that he was on a spiritual quest to improve his own life, as he was going through personal challenges.

Many of us discover Reiki after experiencing our own personal challenges. I have found that to be a common theme with numerous practitioners — and yes, it was my own experience as well.

Right now, many people are perceiving challenges as there is so much focus on change, shift, transformation — whatever you wish to consider it — particularly during this year of 2012. It is said to be the end of at 26,000 year Mayan Calendar cycle and a time of dramatic change. Maybe this is hype or maybe this is real. Nobody truly knows, but I definitely feel that there is some kind of awakening happening on this planet. And I do believe that Reiki Practitioners, as well as others who practice similar healing modalities — will be able to gracefully ride the wave of any change. We likely will be able to weather any energetic shifts in a more confident and adaptable way. And I can only hope that any shift will result in greater healing of our planet and peacefulness among all people.

Reiki is in itself an awakening process. The Reiju (attunement) opens one’s energetic pathways to connect you with the Source of Reiki, thereby awakening your ability to bring in the flow of healing energy. Once you begin to interact with the energy and embrace self-healing, your own path to personal enlightenment may suddenly appear and open in front of you, and your remarkable journey will begin.

Yet, be patient. Self-healing, an awareness of a Higher Consciousness, and a close connection to both “Divine wisdom” and the Reiki energy do not happen miraculously overnight (at least not for most people.) It is always a process, an unfolding. But if you embrace it, Reiki will definitely illuminate your path in a brilliant way.

Know that timing is a major piece of this. When I was going through my despondent life period, I had a friend who was a Reiki Master. She was often trying to convince me in to have some healing sessions with her. Yet I never took her up on the offer as I was so closed off to anything but the challenges I had to deal with every day. I was focused on the turbulence that had overtaken my life (or that I had allowed to overtake my life.) In hindsight, I so wish I had embraced Reiki back then, because I’m sure it would have improved my situation, or at least the way I dealt with my situation. But I wasn’t ready yet. As time passed and my life course became a bit easier, I knew I was finally approaching that figurative “light at the end of the tunnel” — and that light was the healing glow of Reiki!

Reiki opens doors and can let in a great breath of fresh air and exhilaration. It can set you on the road to a lovely spiritual adventure. It can bring you into a positive and friendly network of like-minded people who will resonate with your own beliefs and life path. It can enhance your personal journey by connecting you with other related aspects, such as other forms of holistic and natural healing, spiritual or metaphysical processes. But only what you are drawn to and what feels right for you.

Reiki heals on every level, as the wisdom of the energy knows exactly what each individual needs for their own personal healing. And yes, I do believe it can help one become more aware, awakened, enlightened — more in tune with the knowledge and guidance of your soul calling, Higher Consciousness, or however you perceive your connection to spirit or the Universe. And overall, it can bring more of that pure, uplifting joy… that heartfelt happiness that comes from being in a place of harmony and at ease with the world.

Has Reiki changed your life for the better — and if so, in what way? Please leave a comment here and share your thoughts.  Namasté…

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