Reiki – Tapping in to a Higher Consciousness

The word Reiki, being of Japanese origin, and as you most likely know, is composed of two words, the “Rei” and the “ki.” Rei means “spiritually guided” or “spiritual” and the ki refers to the life energy (same as chi or prana) that flows through all living beings. So Reiki can be considered spiritually-guided energy and is also called Universal Life Force Energy (the latter being my own preference to describe it.)

When we call upon the healing modality of Reiki and channel its beautiful energy, we are bringing in the flow of healing from a Higher Consciousness. So you can consider this from God, Source, the Divine, the Universe, whatever you personally perceive to be the origin of the Higher Consciousness. Everyone has a different and unique belief system. Reiki is definitely a practice that is spiritual in nature, yet it is by no means “religious.” And anyone, no matter what your religious background may be, can learn and embrace this healing system.

Since it does come from a Higher Place, it has two amazing and significant benefits:

1) As it flows through a Practitioner, it does not deplete the Pracitioner’s own energy.

2) It knows just what to do and where to go in a recipient and thus was born the saying that “Reiki has its own wisdom.”

As far as the first benefit, it provides this magnificent “win-win” situation for Practitioner and recipient. When you give a healing, you get a healing. In fact, the most effective sessions occur when you can simply let go of your ego, step back, relax and just let the soothing, radiant energy of Reiki simply course through you.

And you will always get what you need as well — whether it be healing, tranquility or even being energized after your session. Of course, the same goes for the recipient or client laying on the Reiki table. They will get exactly what they need from a supportive, healing Universe.

In terms of the second benefit, just know that Reiki will know wisely, exactly where to go to help the recipient/client. It is fine to set your healing intention at the beginning of the session. However, the bottom line is to be the open channel, that receptive conduit, and see what miracles might happen! And TRUST – trust that the outcome will be for the recipient’s Highest Good.

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