Practicing Reiki – A Healing and Cleansing Process

I do believe that most people who have a Reiki session and/or become trained in the modality experience some form of what is termed a “healing reaction” or “cleansing reaction.” Have you personally ever felt this this?

I have written about this numerous times, simply because it is a relatively common experience. Such a reaction is when the body, in preparation for thorough healing, releases any negative emotions, blockages, distortions that are hindering the health of the individual. These are all energetic in nature, not visible to the eye, and involve the energetic pathways of the physical, emotional (and spiritual) body.

This can take a variety of forms including a tearful, emotional release; agitation; exhaustion; sleepiness; cold symptoms such as sniffles, congestion; digestive upsets; headaches; vivid or unusual night dreams and other various symptoms.

Sometimes one has a very lengthy buildup of “stuff” (I will call it that for lack of a better term) that needs to be released before a healing environment can be created in ones body. This negativity or “toxicity” often needs to rise to the surface in preparation for release and clearing — and that is what can result in those difficult aforementioned list of symptoms.

I do make clients and students aware of this potential process, without placing too much emphasis on it. For if I reel off a long list of “symptoms” then that could also offer a person a bit of a subconscious suggestion in terms of experiencing such a reaction. Some who experience a session for the first time just feel a glowing sense of peace and relaxation and get a beautiful healing without experiencing any obvious cleansing reaction. It is not a requirement for healing by any means. That doesn’t mean that a reaction doesn’t occur — it just means that there are not observable symptoms of one.

One of the most common forms of “Reiki release” seems to be tears and very often at Healing Circles newer participants will have that kind of reaction. So I keep a box of tissues handy and encourage them to let the release just happen and not be embarrassed or upset by it. It is a natural process that in the end will result in a greater sense of harmony and healing within their whole being.

If you should experience any of the above, please do take good care of yourself immediately following. Let the reaction run its course but be sure to stay hydrated with plenty of water, and partake of extra-healthy nutrition for that particular time period. A reaction could take hours, days — occasionally even a few weeks, though that is unlikely. You absolutely WILL feel better after the process is complete!

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