Reiki Circles – Relaxation, Healing and Connection

I absolutely love the beautiful energy of the Reiki Circles that I host twice a month. The atmosphere during these events is so uplifting, healing and very “high-vibration.”

We begin with a guided imagery meditation to connect our energy and to get everyone into a relaxed and tranquil mood. Everyone closes their eyes and I lead a meditation with new age music playing softly in the background. At the end of the meditation, I ask people to keep their eyes closed but to raise their hands to the center of the Circle, palms facing in, to completely connect our light and energy, and to send Reiki to whomever needs it. (Earlier, when people arrive, everyone makes a list of names of those who are in need of healing, and places these papers in a box that rests on a table in the center of the Circle.) We also send distant healing to Mother Earth as well.

Then when we are done, we head upstairs to the healing space, where there are three Reiki tables set up.

I most delight in people’s joyful reactions to their Reiki mini-sessions. Though these sessions are quite short (usually 12-15 minutes) recipients usually open their eyes, sit up and look completely rejuvenated and glowing afterwards. Some even have fascinating metaphysical experiences — seeing colors, or perceiving “angelic” presences, being transported to other dimensions and places. Others simply feel supremely peaceful, with a joyful sense of renewal. I believe everyone receives exactly what they need from their session.

One lovely aspect of this gathering is that usually each Reiki recipient gets treated by anywhere from two to four Practitioners at one time. That makes for such a soothing, healing experience.

Circles are a radiant gathering of like-minded individuals. This need for like-minded connections is so obvious in the minutes between sessions. As zen as the sessions are, in-between one hears the buzz of lively chatter as people share their table experiences as well as discuss a variety of topics. Sometimes it takes me an extra minute to get everyone quieted down and moving into our next round of sessions, as people get very happily caught up in the chatter.

Though I often call this a Healing Circle — it is officially a Reiki share, meaning that it primarily consists of Practitioners giving sessions to each other. However, I make it clear on my website that ALL are welcome. Sometimes people with major physical ailments or conditions show up (they are not Reiki-trained) in need of healing. There are always one or more non-Practitioners that attend. Some are interested in learning Reiki and want to experience a short session first and find out more about the modality. Others are just curious as to what happens during a Healing Circle.

Many of the attendees are “regulars” and consistently show up to most Circles. They have become my peers, my friends — and I so enjoy their positive energy and dedication to practicing Reiki in this group setting.

If you ever have the opportunity to be part of a Reiki Circle, absolutely join in and have a wonderful, relaxing experience receiving Reiki from one or more Practitioners. And if you are local to where I live in Long Island, I hope to see you one day at one of my Circles!

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