Animal Reiki – Tuning in on a Soul Level

It is such a beautiful healing connection when you can truly tune in to your animal on a soul level — or as close as possible to this. It is easier to do this if you can genuinely release the outcome of the Reiki session that you are offering.

Simply ask your animal to take as much of the energy as she/he wants (or none at all if that is their choice.) Start with a comfortable, hands-off position. Set the intention that you are releasing expectations. Then sit back

Magic is generally a busy, mischievous, joyful cat but he is very clear about when he would like some Reiki.

and let the Universe do its amazing and beneficial “work.” Let Reiki flow through you for the Highest Good of the animal. Let yourself just be peaceful, a clear conduit. Let your Higher Self connect in with the Higher Self of your animal.

It sounds simple, but is not always as easy as it sounds. Often there are distractions — sometimes external and sometimes internal. Sometimes your own head chatter can get in the way. Let yourself simply “be” one with the Reiki energy and then let yourself energetically connect with your animal.

About a week ago I was offering Reiki to my own black cat, Magic, who had been quite sick after a prolonged boarding stay during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. He was on traditional medicine, but he was very open to Reiki.

I was laying on my bed and he laid on my stomach, allowing me to touch him gently with Reiki hands. He soaked up the energy and then shifted his position. He inched forward to be closer to my face. He then placed one paw right over my heart and I felt him connect with me, getting the very clear message from him “I am one heart with your heart.” That profound communication actually surprised me and I was very touched and uplifted in that moment. That strong connection exemplified the closeness and bonding that Reiki can bring. And I’m sure Magic received much healing (as did I) at that moment.

During a session, do your best to brush off distractions and to let yourself be right in the moment with your animal. Your animal will receive the healing that they need and you will receive the healing that you need!

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