The Reiki Modality – Offering Light and Healing Energy

Reiki is known as a gentle, yet powerful healing system. It is gentle in the quality and feel of the energy, but potentially powerful in terms of effective results. Sometimes Practitioners are known as “Lightworkers.”

However, I personally consider myself a “healing facilitator” — a conduit for a lovely, radiant, soothing energy that emanates from the wise and profound Universe.

I have had clients come to me with statements such as “So and so says my fifth chakra is blocked — can you clear it for me?” It takes some discussion to explain to a client that I am not an official “Chakra Clearer” — that I am simply a willing vessel for the flow of healing energy. I often use the expression “pure healer” in terms of letting the energy just flow in for the Highest Good of the recipient.

What I DO NOT do:

• I do not diagnose blockages. I may do some intuitive scanning to see if any areas might do well with extra focus — but I don’t get stuck or consumed in seeking blockages.

• I do not clear chakras. Perhaps the Universe does that — but I am not aware of exactly what the Universal Life Force Energy does during a Reiki session.

• I do not get caught up in the negativity of any recipient. Meaning, I surround myself with the bright light of Reiki and do not believe that anything bad (byoki is the Japanese term for sickness) that is releasing from a client will attach itself to me.

• I do not play psychic and try to connect to anyone’s deceased relatives or foretell their future. There have been some fascinating occurrences during sessions — and if interesting things happen, I note them silently. And deal with it tactfully if the client is having an experience. But my singular goal is to bring in a strong flow of Reiki for healing purposes, nothing else.

What I DO:

• I DO trust that the wisdom of the energy will direct it to wherever it needs to go within the client.

• I DO connect into to the bright, inner light that resides within each recipient — the healing light at the core of their being. I tune in to their energetic field and their heart center just so I can bring in that flow of healing specifically for them. I imagine that the Reiki that flows through me is awakening a strong positive response within them to begin to create a healing environment within their body.

• I DO let myself relax, be in the moment, and be one with the Reiki energy.

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