Animal Reiki – Be Present and in the Moment

During any Reiki session it is essential to keep focused on your client or the recipient of the healing energy. However, with human clients, they are not apt to jump up and run away or nip you or go look for food during a session. When offering Reiki to animals, it can be a completely different story.

That’s why an important aspect of working with an animal (particularly one who is not your own) is to really just BE in the moment with the animal. Peacefully and calmly in the moment. And yet, sometimes an Animal Reiki session is far from peaceful! Especially if there are several animals present and you are trying to concentrate on a particular one.

Or if the animal you are working with is very hyper or anxious and may not settle into the treatment right away.

So you need to really bring your consciousness to the present and pay attention to everything that is happening in the surrounding area. Is your animal clinging to it’s person? Or is it running around in play mode? Is it interested in you — or keeping its distance?

You will need to connect with the animal — and make sure to “speak” with it and let he/she know that you are offering healing energy — something that is good and positive. Make sure you are in a calm, relaxed position and start the Reiki flowing for the Highest Good of the animal.

Do pay close attention to your animal. When the energy is flowing, is the animal beginning to relax? Is it moving closer to you to investigate? Does it sit or lay down? Note all these things, but continue to just be very tranquil and grounded, all the while still connecting to the Reiki energy. And of course, just release the outcome and be open to accept whatever benefit the Reiki energy will bring forth.

If the animal shows an interest in “hands-on” then by all means place your hand(s) gently on the animal. Let he/she be your guide. And just be in that healing space. Invite the energy to form a radiant Reiki bubble of light that surrounds both you and the animal.

Above all, strive to be supremely peaceful — almost in a meditational space. Yet, at the same time, stay aware of your surroundings and remain tuned in to the animal. If you simply let Reiki do what it does so well — bringing in whatever healing is appropriate for the animal — then you may observe some amazing results. But do keep in mind that even if you don’t see anything miraculous happening at the moment, the healing can take several days to unfold. Trust that there is always a benefit! Sometimes it is more obvious than others, but it is always there.


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