Animal Reiki – Saving My Injured Semi-Feral Cat

GradyRecoveringIt was June of last year and my partially-tamed feral cat, Grady, had experienced a puncture wound just under his tail, close to his rear end. I had noticed it and kept an eye on its progress of healing, doing Reiki for it when both time and cat permitted. At one point, it looked like it was healing, but then I would notice Grady biting and chewing on it, which could never be a good thing.

However, for the most part, he seemed okay and continued to eat and act “normal” whatever that is for an outdoor cat.

But one specific day, I heard an unhappy meow, and found him cowering under the bushes in the yard. I spoke to him and he seemed a little off, but then came out and appeared to perk up. Later that day, at dusk, I saw him slowly, painfully creep over the fence from the neighbor’s yard and he lay on a tree branch. I sat on the ground nearby, speaking softly to him and offering Reiki, which he accepted. There was a glazed, distant look in his eyes and as I felt the energy flow, I just knew in my heart that he was in bad shape. I suspected that if I didn’t get him immediate medical attention he would crawl off and die somewhere.

So I asked Reiki to help me, surrendering to whatever I needed to do in order to be shown and guided in the best way to handle this. A bit later, I put out a bowl of fishy, smelly food but he really was not enticed. However, I kept moving closer to the house, all the while calling him by name. I left the back door open and then was incredibly relieved to have him come inside where I knew I would be able to catch him. My husband, prepping for a medical test the next day, was not a happy camper. What unbelievably inconvenient timing to have to catch an injured feral cat!

But I was determined to help my beloved little grey and white cat. His wound was bleeding and oozing, and he spent time hiding behind the sofa and under furniture. I lay on the sofa, letting the Reiki flow and finally he finally crept up onto the blanket on the sofa next to me. I knew in that instant I had to act — and quickly! I scruffed him at the neck, picked him up and quickly, but carefully lowered him into an open crate which I had stood up on its end so gravity would work with me. My husband wore protective gloves and helped make sure that Grady went into the crate with ease. Of course, the little feline was kicking and trying to scratch — and I did get one long scratch, but thank goodness that was all.

So now I had to line up help for him for the next morning and that ended up being a local vet who works with the rescue that I volunteer for, Forgotten Friends of Long Island. The President of Forgotten Friends is an amazing lady and helped the vet work out care and a feral cat/rescue discount for veterinary services. Grady’s injury was very severe and the vet told me that he hoped he could save his tail, as it was in bad shape but he would do the best he could.

I had no idea that Grady would be at the vet with drains and medication for three full days before I could bring him home and then he had to be confined to a crate in my living room for 17 days! Though originally the vet had used one of those huge e-collars with him, he was not eating at all with it on. So it was removed prior to me bringing him home.

I offered Reiki to him nearly every day — which he seemed to be very accepting of. We somehow had this understanding that he would be patient being stuck in a crate for several weeks while he healed, but that when he was fully recovered, I would open the back door and release him to his preferred habitat.

A number of people suggested that this time of being housebound would be a perfect opportunity to remake him into an indoor cat. But I knew in my own heart of hearts that he would not accept that. The best I could do would be influence him to be indoors on a more regular basis.

Of one thing I am certain: Reiki absolutely helped Grady heal! And recover he did — a wonderful, full recovery to the point that now one would never have any clue that he had been injured as severely as he was and his tail looks plush and healthy.

And as I had promised him, I opened the back door and he happily bounded out into the fresh air!

Yes, Grady does spend more time indoors now — especially in the cold weather when he chooses to spend a full night curled up on the sofa, watching TV and snoozing the sound sleep of a joyful feline who knows that he is greatly loved — and that he can receive radiant Reiki energy whenever he likes!

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