Life Challenges and Change – Creating from Contrast

“And now here you are, an extension of Source Energy — focused in the environment of perfect contrast and balance, just as you have intended — exploring, deciding, preferring, creating, and becoming.” — Abraham-Hicks

Contrast and change are the stuff of which life is made. It’s that way from the day we are born all the way until the day we die.

Those with a strong spiritual connection embrace the belief that we have chosen our lives, that we have entered into these glorious physical bodies for the purpose of a variety of things: creating, learning, loving, experiencing. Though many these days feel that our mission is to ultimately seek joy — the reality is that we are also faced with a multitude of challenges. Turbulence and obstacles — whatever you wish to call the curves that life throws at us — are all part of the contrast of our human experience.

Even if you are not particularly spiritual, and take a more practical viewpoint — most would not choose to seek difficulties. Though there are always those few — and we all know one or two of these — who seem to like suffering and adversity, and by such intense focus, always bring more of it into their lives in a never-ending cycle.

However, some adversity is a given in everyone’s life. It helps us grow, expand and develop as both human and spiritual beings.

We have to remember to hold in our heart the light that will always lead us from darkness. That old teaching of “how would we appreciate the light, if we haven’t experienced the dark” is relevant here. We learn from contrast — sometimes quite quickly and powerfully.

When we feel such contrast, it is a means to measure where we are as compared to where we want to be. It helps us evaluate and one can observe that: “this is where I am; this is something I do not want — it is not pleasing to me.” So then we can ask ourselves, “What exactly is it that I DO want?” This helps crystallize our emotions and thoughts into a specific vision toward something better.

So when you are in the throes of contrast, let your imagination begin creating a better-feeling reality. Focus on the desired outcome, imagine it as real and true. As you give mental energy to it, the shift begins to move you toward it. Of course, Law of Attraction thinkers are familiar with this and are nodding their heads in agreement. But these gentle reminders serve to keep us steady on the good-feeling path.

For me, sustained severe contrast came in the form of years of legal and custody battles with my ex-husband. This was during my pre-“Law of Attraction” days. And I kept wondering at the time why the ordeal felt never-ending. In hindsight, it is clear that I gave way too much attention to the “fight.” Such focus kept me (and my children) wrapped up in emotional, negative turmoil for an extremely long time. Life lesson learned.

Marci Shimoff, inspirational teacher and author of “Happy For No Reason” advises us to ask ourselves the question about really adverse times: If this were happening for a reason (or higher purpose) what would that be? So what was the higher purpose of all those years for me? I learned through the ultimate negativity to feel the contrast, and then steer a better course toward positivity. I learned to leave despair, stress, dis-ease (that developed during this) and embrace healing and a peaceful path of light. Had those years not unfolded the way they did, I might have remained wandering along aimlessly, ignorant of finding and aligning with a more resonant life purpose. I eventually emerged from all those years of darkness to transform into a newer, more light-filled version of myself.

So be open to the lessons of contrast — let them guide you to the greater path of what you DO want, toward radiance and a good-feeling life experience…


  • Contrast in my life helps shift me in the direction of what I DO want.
  • I understand that challenges can serve to guide me toward a better-feeling reality.
  • I tap into my inner wisdom to view contrast as a stepping stone toward a more joyful life experience.

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  • Alexandra

    Another really good one.

    My divorce cut me into shreds, which lasted for years and had a very deep effect on me. I came out of that only because someone figuratively grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me out of that paralysis. I came out feeling that I had been tempered like steel.

    How many years I wasted in trying to run through chin-high molasses. Someone wiser than I recently talked about wanting to want. During those lost years, I didn’t want enough to want happiness. Lesson learned.

  • Sheryl

    Alexandra – it’s amazing how life teaches us so many lessons, but if we are open to learning from past difficult experiences, then we move forward toward greater happiness and understanding. And we learn that we have many choices about the way we feel and react to situations. We also learn about wanting happiness and feeling worthy of happiness! Thanks for sharing a bit of your own life experience.