Attracting Abundance – Consciously Creating An Attitude of Prosperity

Do you experience a sense of prosperity and abundance? Do you have a healthy flow of money to pay your bills and provide for extras? Everybody likes to talk about financial abundance because that is something we all aspire to — unless we are sitting in a monastery somewhere or have taken a vow of poverty. For the rest of us — bring on the bucks!

I have learned that having a prosperity consciousness is the best foundation for attracting money into your life. “The Secret” tantalized us with riches. It advised that you just need to think about money and it will suddenly appear — doesn’t that sound like magical thinking?

Most of us have volatile or tenuous relationships with money — we’re not sure if we can hold on to it, or not sure if we can bring more into our lives. According to the Law of Attraction we must focus on money in a loving and positive way and never, ever, ever think about LACK.

If you let yourself get caught up thinking or complaining about the lack of money — you’re headed in the wrong direction. Law of Attraction (or your subconscious mind) will only keep hearing “lack of money, lack of money, lack of money.” And it will respond to you — obligingly bringing you a further lack of money! So it is so essential to keep all negative-not-having-enough-money thoughts from creeping into your consciousness. LOA (Law of Attraction) purists theorize that our subconscious mind needs to keep happy with feelings of abundance, rejoicing about having as much as pleases us — even if that is not truly the case. Yet.

So what do all the success teachers advise? Train yourself to think of money in a joyful way. Learn to leave behind the poverty consciousness you might have grown up with. My mother was an obsessive coupon saver/user — that aspect of her is a big part of my memory of her attitude about money. There is nothing wrong with clipping coupons for savings, especially during harsh times — but my mother took it to an extreme. And I believe that defined her mindset of feeling “poor.” Both my parents were lack-focused individuals and took great pains to complain about our continued insufficiency of funds. And of course, what happened?

I used to often be guilty of making statements like, “Well, I just don’t have enough money for that….” So I’ve completely ceased that negative head talk about money. I have finally slipped into that lovely, radiant vibration of feeling abundance and just lead my life expecting to have enough for my needs and then some, thus developing a much more harmonious relationship with money. And you know what — amazingly, the money flows much more prosperously…

Recently, I received an email containing some very uplifting and fun advice. Diana L., a friend of a friend, had consulted Audrey Hanson, an angelic channel, about how to attract prosperity. With Diana’s permission, I am sharing this with you. This is the guidance, according to the angelic realm:

1. “For 15 minutes a day, daydream about all the stacks of money in the house.” I have been doing that, playfully, as a game, seeing a big stack of hundred dollar bills by the front door, for example. Having a blast! They said, “Allow yourself to get excited about it, because excitement is simply acknowledgment of the truth. And it also injects joy, which really causes things to flow much more rapidly.”

2. Write down what you want to experience, as though it’s already done, for example, “Thank you God that all our bills are always paid on time, up front, effortlessly. Thank you that we always have money for anything we want or need, from necessities to luxuries to gifts to travel.” I had SO much fun writing this out! I got DETAILED and it felt GOOD! “

This advice sounds amazingly similar to Law of Attraction theory. So get detailed about what you envision in terms of the stacks of money in your own home, or abundance as you vividly imagine and feel it — and see what happens!


  • I have more than enough money to cover all my expenses and plenty for more fun and entertainment.
  • The Universe is joyfully conspiring to bring me all the riches I desire.
  • It is easy for me to magnetically attract financial abundance.

4 comments to Attracting Abundance – Consciously Creating An Attitude of Prosperity

  • Louise Edsall

    I have been thinking positive thoughts and I was lead to do some kind of out of the comfort level and I am forever changed in my thoughts. I think healthy body and mind and I’m down 25 pounds as I recover from foot surgery!! no exercise. I worried about my husbands somewhat botched surgery and subsequent job loss and now he has private consulting from home. I am working on believing in my intuition and desires. I am being fulfilled in many ways… like a vessel filled.

  • Vicki

    I really like this posting. I have been rereading the “Laws of Attraction”, and think I will have to keep it sort of like my Bible because it is so easy to slip back into thinking about lack. I will have to refer back into it often after 50+ years of a different mindset, but it is really exciting to think that your thoughts can have so much power!

  • Sheryl

    Vicki – thanks for sharing your thoughts about the Law of Attraction. And yes, it is amazing and exciting to realize that our thoughts can be so powerful. That is why is is so key to choose positive, joyful ones — and it is so enlightening to realize we have the freedom to truly CHOOSE our thoughts.

  • Sheryl

    Louise – again, thanks for sharing some of your own experiences. Learn to tune in to your intuition and decisions and choices may well become easier…