Inner Guidance – Recognizing Resistance – A Real Life Story

Sometimes in our eagerness to plunge in to something that just catches our attention, we tend to lose sight of our very clear inner guidance. Not all immediate opportunities that present themselves are positive and in our best interests. Sometimes they are just THERE. An opportunity or choice may look quite intriguing. But it is […]

Positive Thinking – Write Your New, Uplifting Life Story

“It is not from where you come, but where you are now in joy, and where you are headed with enlightenment.” ~Sheryl Schlameuss Berger

Negativity. Dysfunction. Insecurity. Depression. These were the themes of my family life throughout my childhood. It wasn’t a pretty picture. My father was a domineering, it’s-my-way-or-the-highway type of individual. He yelled, […]

Ending a Friendship – Letting Go When the Relationship is No Longer Joyful

As the flow of life carries us along on our journey, sometimes we discover that those that we started the journey with are no longer in sync with us. In fact, sometimes they are quite out of rhythm with our own goals, beliefs and plans. How do we recognize this — and what should we […]

The Human Experience – A Perfect State of Imperfection

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“Our human perfection is actually defined by our imperfections.” ~Sheryl Schlameuss Berger

You may likely be familiar with the first quote (the second is pure “moi.”) Perhaps you believe that we are highly […]

Life’s Little Surprises – The Grapefruit Seed

It was somewhere in the late 1970s when I cut open the grapefruit, looking forward to enjoying one of my favorite fruits. There, nestled within, much to my surprise, was a large seed that had already sprouted. I pondered it curiously, wondering how a seed could survive the trip from Florida and then several days […]

Life Challenges and Change – Creating from Contrast

“And now here you are, an extension of Source Energy — focused in the environment of perfect contrast and balance, just as you have intended — exploring, deciding, preferring, creating, and becoming.” — Abraham-Hicks

Contrast and change are the stuff of which life is made. It’s that way from the day we are born all […]

Healing and Balance – Choosing to Accept Well Being

I spent a recent weekend in Chicago, studying Reconnective Healing with Dr. Eric Pearl, a well-known healer and teacher who travels all over the world. It was an amazing, thought-provoking and enlightening weekend and I gained much knowledge. However, what I wish to share is not about the mechanics of this modality. It is about […]

Tolerance, Understanding and Tact – Respecting Others’ Choices in Real Life and on Social Media

Kindness and compassion toward others are always admirable traits and the foundation of that age-old Golden Rule of treating others as you would like to be treated. I suspect most people would be quick to say: “sure, I’m tolerant and open-minded about others.” Who would knowingly want to be perceived otherwise?

Of course, tolerance toward […]

Healthier Eating – Foods to Reduce or Eliminate From Your Diet

So you’re saying positive affirmations, focusing on happy head talk, reading self-improvement books – what are you forgetting? Are you eating healthy, or did that one lifestyle segment fall between the cracks?

Our bodies were meant to be lean, smoothly-running biological machines. So what happened to us? Just take one look around and you’ll see […]

Positive Thinking – Release Ingrained Negative Thought Patterns

We all get caught up in negative thought patterns at times, but how do you feel when are so immersed in that loop of thinking? Your whole being can feel out of balance, and sometimes downright stressed, fatigued, depressed and resentful. It is painful to be that way all the time or even most of […]