Living in the Now – Connect To the Energy of Each Moment

I was at the kitchen counter, preparing a salad for dinner, and my son was joining my husband and me for dinner that evening. As I was in the throes of slicing, peeling and chopping, I found my mind running a mile a minute, jumping ahead to a million unfinished tasks — not just for […]

Inner Guidance – Recognizing Resistance – A Real Life Story

Sometimes in our eagerness to plunge in to something that just catches our attention, we tend to lose sight of our very clear inner guidance. Not all immediate opportunities that present themselves are positive and in our best interests. Sometimes they are just THERE. An opportunity or choice may look quite intriguing. But it is […]

Inner Guidance – Follow Your Intuition

I firmly believe we are all born with strong, competent inner guidance systems. As babies, we use those systems so well. We cry when we are hungry, thirsty or uncomfortable and for the most part, our needs are met rather quickly. We laugh, smile and show our pleasure readily. We know exactly what we want […]