Positive Thinking – Release Ingrained Negative Thought Patterns

We all get caught up in negative thought patterns at times, but how do you feel when are so immersed in that loop of thinking? Your whole being can feel out of balance, and sometimes downright stressed, fatigued, depressed and resentful. It is painful to be that way all the time or even most of that time. Sometimes these patterns are so ingrained from childhood that we have a difficult time making an “escape” from them.

Of course, we all go through episodes in our lives when truly bad things happen. There are circumstances such as death, job loss, divorce, and many other events that can send us into a tailspin of turmoil and challenge. But aside from those dramatic times, we truly have the power to release those negative thought patterns. And even in those extremely challenging times, we can still be strong and persevere in a very positive way.

My own beginning in childhood was modeling after a very domineering father. He was the anti-Law Of Attraction thinker. He deliberately chose to be negative, to focus on the worst that could happen and to consistently live his life that way. He used to tell me “I always think about the worst-case scenario, and but hope that something better happens!” and he would continue “I like to take a negative and turn it into a positive.” But by spending so much time in the negative mode, he was never able to lift himself into the positive!

My natural inclination as a child was to be innocently joyful, but I was fighting an uphill battle. It is only in more recent times that I have been able to break away from these deeply ingrained thought patterns.

I know that there are many people who are very much like my father in terms of the way they think. Their head talk revolves around these kind of self-deprecating statements:

My life is a mess.
I will never be successful.
Money does not come easily to me.
I have to work so hard just to make ends meet.
The world is such a sad place.
I am a loser.

I had somebody tell me last week that they consistently have bad dreams that result in disturbed feelings that stay with them through the entire day. But there is no excuse for that. I sometimes have bad dreams too (most people dream and not all dreams are “sweet.”) But I release any such nightmares when I awake and I greet the day on a positive note. (If you didn’t catch one of my previous articles, Positive Thinking – Reach for a Feel-Good Thought First Thing in the Morning, click here.)

Releasing negativity is a conscious choice every one of us can make. We do not need to feel sad, forlorn, discordant, tense, etc. We DO have a choice. We can choose the way we think. I write about this quite a bit, because it is such a powerful concept. And if you can really understand and implement it into your everyday experience, it will SHIFT your life in an amazing way. If that figurative light bulb flips on in your head, saying “ah ha – there might be something to that idea” then you are on your way.

Say your positive affirmations and better yet, FEEL your positive affirmations:

  • My life is amazing and filled with joy.
  • I release negativity and stress, and welcome peacefulness.
  • Every day, I am more and more open to abundance flowing into my life.
  • I am a magnet for success and prosperity.

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