Reiki Healing – Set Your Intention for the Energy to Flow

You may have heard that Reiki is about “intention.” I have had a number of students ask about this concept, and at first, they are not sure exactly what is meant by it. Well, it is about as simple as it sounds. The dictionary defines the term intention as “an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or results; the end or object intended; purpose.”

There are many steps we can take before offering Reiki to someone. These may include: grounding, meditating, performing a Japanese Reiki technique, focusing on our breathing, connecting with the sacred symbols, saying an invocation or statement to offer ourselves as an open channel. At our healing circles, we do several ritual steps before offering Reiki to the recipients on the tables. These generally include a prayer/invocation before we begin.

However, the bottom line is that all you really need to do to start the energy flowing is INTEND for it to flow. Intend for yourself to be that clear channel and invite the energy to stream through you and to the recipient. So just “set your intention” to activate a lovely, healing stream of energy. You can even say very simply to yourself “Reiki on…” and the energy will flow.

Sometimes, to a newcomer, all the rituals surrounding the beginning of a session can seem complicated. But the tradition of classic Japanese Reiki involves some ritual, and this can help Practitioners feel confident, comfortable and knowledgeable about following a predetermined set of steps. As physical beings, we often need the comfort of ritual and sequenced planning. This may help us be stronger and more focused on what we do. But don’t get overly caught up in a string of rituals, especially if they do not genuinely resonate with you.

I always encourage practitioners to never hesitate to use Reiki for anything that you feel guided to! From simple bruises to complex conditions or situations, call in the healing energy. New practitioners tend to forget that they possess this extremely powerful healing “tool.” Don’t forget that Reiki is also beneficial for situations, not just a specific physical problem. It helps greatly on the emotional/mental level as well. Keep all this in mind and if suddenly, you find yourself in a situation where Reiki can be useful, bring it on! Simply set your intention for the energy to flow for the highest good. You might be amazed at the results.

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