Love Is – Positive Thoughts and Inspired Musings

Love is kind. Love is profound. Love originates in the heart and emanates in waves of radiant compassion. Love intensifies. Love engages. Love intertwines. Love extends and blends. Love creates. Love spins magic. Love is the beginning — and the end. Love is the wonder, the excitement, the exhilaration. Love warms (and love burns…)

Love is connection. Love is up-close-and-personal. Love is the profound and infinite laughter that flows from our soul. Love is the flashing, beating pattern of the spirited heart. Love illuminates. Love is the breath of life. Love is the ancient ethereal wisdom of the Universe. Love is sometimes poignant, bittersweet and complex.

Love teaches. Love inspires. Love uplifts our senses. Love moves us, infuses us and sometimes challenges us. Love cocoons us in its powerful brilliance. Love is the emotion and intelligence of our core essence. Love is the conscious voice of all that is joyful, compassionate and eternal.

Above all — love needs action. Love needs to be spoken, shouted, professed and avowed. Love needs to be eloquently displayed. Love must be nudged, nurtured and nourished. Love needs expression both verbally and emotionally — often and profusely. Love needs to be focused on with full and rapt attention.

Love means spending time. Love means making time to spend. Love means generosity of spirit. Love means placing another’s welfare before your own. Love means patience. Love means acceptance, tolerance and understanding. Love means support, encouragement and respect.

Love is unique to each of us — yet it is the common empowering thread that connects all of us through the expanse of time and space. Love takes effort. Love is worth the effort.

Love is all.


  • I draw upon my sense of self-love to ripple out as compassion for others.
  • I find it empowering to share my genuine love with the world.
  • Expressing love to those who surround me is so easy, and I feel great joy in doing so.

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