Reiki Chanting – Using Vocal Toning to Empower Healing

For my earlier Reiki experiences, chanting was an alien custom, not something I thought was truly part of the system of Reiki. Of course, chanting is used in many other modalities and certainly in some religious ceremonies and services. However, as I moved along on my Reiki journey, I began to be exposed to the […]

Reiki Variations – Other Forms of this Healing Modality

Most of us know Reiki as the holistic healing system founded by Mikao Usui in 1922 when Sensei Usui’s 21-day fast/meditation on Mount Kurama resulted in his receiving this wonderful gift of Reiki. The amazing aspect of Reiki is that it allows one to give healing to others without depleting one’s own energy.

Reiki developed […]

Reconnective Healing – A Newer and Different Modality than Reiki

As a Reiki teacher, I have walked the Reiki path for awhile now and this healing modality has made such a positive transformation in my own life. I’m sure many would agree that Reiki has been a remarkable benefit to themselves and to those around them. So I love Reiki; I’ve reaped many benefits, but […]

Group Support – The Energetic Empowerment of the Circle

“All my life’s a circle…” – Harry Chapin

Though the circle Harry may have been referring to was more of a cyclical, seasonal one – I feel that right now all MY life is a circle in a different perspective…as two “circles” have absorbed me within their bounds — in an uplifting way!

By circle […]

Relaxation Breathing Techniques of Reiki – Similar to Biofeedback?

Several years ago, I gave a special presentation about Reiki to a group of women who wanted to learn more about this system. One of the attendees was a Biofeedback therapist. However, I was not aware of that until later. At the end of my talk, I offered free Reiki mini-sessions to those that were […]

Road Reiki – The Opposite of Road Rage

I was moved to write this after sitting through an hour-long video segment on road rage at the Defensive Driver class I recently took to help lower my car insurance rates. It saddens me that there even has to be a lengthy lesson about how to handle angry drivers. Unfortunately, road rage has been on […]

Reiki Flowing in the Emergency Room

I was just about to prepare dinner when the phone rang — it was my 20-year-old son calling from his cell phone, sounding panicked: “Mom — I was in a really bad car crash. My car is totaled. I’m in an ambulance on the way to the emergency room! They’re going to see if I […]