Reiki – The Newly Trained Practitioner

You have taken your First Degree class and learned all the Reiki basics — you leave class as a full-fledged “officially” certified Reiki Practitioner. You are feeling quite good about your accomplishment and might even be on an energy-high after your attunement. So you go home — and what’s next? How will you use your new-found ability? And will it make a truly positive change in your life?

Like any other new skill, you get better with practice, and hopefully your teacher has strongly encouraged you to practice, practice, practice! The most essential starting point is self-healing. You should make an effort to do some self-healing every day, as it helps you remain clear and balanced, and keeps your own energy flowing freely. So find some time every day in the morning, afternoon or evening — whatever works for you personally — to spend a little time doing Reiki for yourself.

Now, assuming that you are diligent with that, how should you expand your practice? Reach out to family members and friends. If they’re not too familiar with Reiki, explain it to them in an easy way to understand — don’t overwhelm them with details. Just let them know it is a relaxation and stress-reduction technique. And it is never harmful. Most are willing to try something that is calming and relaxing, at least once. But not everyone is open to Reiki, so be diplomatic and nonjudgmental toward those who have no interest in experiencing hands-on healing.

When I was a new Practitioner, I “forced” my husband to have numerous Reiki sessions because I needed someone to practice on, but I do say that in jest. He was more than willing to benefit from the many sessions I gave him and thoroughly enjoyed becoming immersed in the energy. He even became a Level I Practitioner.

However, some of my friends were not really interested in a session, which took me aback, but not everyone is open minded. One time, a friend of mine called me to say she had pulled her back out and was having severe pain. She had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon and I immediately volunteered to stop by in the morning and give her a Reiki session in her house, since she was in too much pain to drive. She reacted in such a close-minded way and it was obvious she was not even willing to try. However, I’m happy to say that most of my friends have had sessions from me and all have enjoyed and benefited from them.

Also, don’t be concerned if you do not yet own an actual Reiki table. Sessions can be effectively given on a chair, sofa — or even a bed. Just go with the flow.

Overall, the more you do Reiki, the more comfortable and confident you will become. Always remember to trust the wisdom of Reiki (the Universal Life Force Energy) to work for the recipient’s highest good. By doing sessions for others, you also receive the benefit of the energy flowing through you so you get a session when you give a session, and that is a wonderful outcome! First Degree Reiki is the start of an exciting and beautiful path, opening new doors and new awareness. I believe that most Practitioners will say that Reiki has brought much peace and enlightenment into their lives. I hope it will for you too.

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