Reiki Circle – Sharing Healing With Others

Whenever you learn any new skill, the more you practice, the more comfortable and experienced you become. It is the same with Reiki — and a healing circle is excellent way to learn more about the energy and the benefits of this modality.

This group healing event is also sometimes called a Reiki share, because it often consists of practitioners taking turns giving each other mini-sessions. In addition, there are also people (non-practitioners) who can greatly benefit from the healing sessions who may attend. Or those who might be interested in finding out more about Reiki with the intent of becoming a Practitioner, but wish to first “test the waters” so to speak.

I attended many different versions of these local Circles over the years. Then I began my own, and I hold this event on a monthly basis, generally the third Saturday morning of each month.

It is a nice “meet and greet” — a way to connect and network with other Practitioners and like-minded individuals.

It is also a refreshing way to recharge or rejuvenate your own personal energetic balance. In Reiki, self-healing is so important, but what can be more relaxing than being energetically “worked on” by 2-4 other Reiki practitioners. Taking a turn on the table gives one a chance for peacefulness and a time to revitalize.

I enjoy facilitating my own Healing Circle (they are free, but I ask for a small donation which goes to charity.) The mix of energy in the room where we hold this event is very positive and uplifting. I always begin each Circle with a guided meditation to connect everyone together energetically and to help release any stress or concerns that people might still be holding on to from their week.

One of the attendees informed me that this was the first time she had attended such a gathering. She thought that we would hold hands in a circle and do some meditation. She was delightfully surprised that it was so much more than that — and so relaxing, empowering and re-energizing.

So if it resonates with you, find a Healing Circle in your own local area. This is especially helpful if you are a newer Practitioner because it will help you become more comfortable using this wonderful and radiant modality!

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