Animal Reiki – Sessions for Pets at the End-Of-Life Stage

I do get numerous calls from clients right when their animals may be preparing to make their transitions. Reiki is a very gentle and peaceful modality and so is beneficial for supporting animals who are very ill and/or very old. These are animals who may be spending their final days, weeks or months with their loving human companions.

I do explain to my clients that Reiki will definitely benefit these animals and perhaps add additional quality of life and quantity of time, as well as whatever emotional healing is needed. Reiki will also help heal any family or human/animal situation.

I do believe that most people who contact me are — deep in their hearts — secretly hoping for a miracle (especially if their animal is not a senior.) I gently and tactfully guide them to understand that miracles, though of course possible, are not the norm.

I also encourage people to be sensitive and understanding of their animal’s life path. This may involve the very difficult task of letting their animal “move” on toward its spiritual journey, preparing themselves to say goodbye to their cherished and often long-term companion.

As I was recently having this life-path talk with one particular client regarding her elderly cat, she nodded knowingly, with tears welling in her eyes. She admitted that she had taken very drastic and demanding medical steps to keep a previous pet alive, simply because SHE could not bear to say farewell. In hindsight, she says that she learned a life lesson, and would make a different choice today and not repeat that dramatic, physically demanding and emotionally draining scenario for both her and her 4-legged companion.

But we all know it is so agonizingly painful to make end-of-life decisions regarding our pets. Reiki can often help infuse this time with a greater sense of peacefulness and ease.

Giving frequent and brief treatments to an animal at this stage may be the better way to go, if possible. If you are working with your own animal, it will be especially easy to offer regular sessions that are shorter. Of course, any Reiki is beneficial, and even one session can often provide significant results. As always, let the animal guide you with hands-off versus hands-on, as well as the actual length of the treatment. And remember to release the outcome — the wisdom of the energy will make sure that Reiki goes to where it needs to go for the highest good of the animal.

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