Reiki Training – What Qualities to Look for in a Teacher

So you’ve decided to take your first Reiki Level I class – and now it’s time to find a teacher. What are the qualities and qualifications that one would seek in a Reiki Teacher? And how would you find one?

I’m sure most people would certainly prefer someone kind and knowledgeable, someone who is an able, thorough and caring teacher. But what about clarity of teaching — and being truly organized? Reiki is a very spiritual subject to teach and though one might have initial perceptions of a Reiki Master being metaphysically-oriented and perhaps less practical, a Reiki teacher absolutely needs to be organized. Having a complete outline, curriculum, and comprehensive manual are all essential for teaching. Don’t assume that every teacher comes equipped with all this, for I will tell you that is not the case.

So do your homework and check out any teacher before committing to a class. You can check professional Reiki organizations, including the local ones, but a personal referral (if possible) is a great way to go. Also, it is always easy to find one through the internet. But to find out more about a person’s experience and methods, DO call them and give them an “informal interview.” I welcome emails and calls from potential students and give them as much time as necessary for answering their questions.

Length and years of experience is not necessarily an indicator of how competent and enlightened a teacher may be. It is more important to determine if the teacher sounds genuine, passionate about what they do, and has a regular schedule of classes. If a potential teacher holds a regular Healing Circle, it is a great idea to attend at least once (attendance should be for donation or a minimal charge) to see if that teacher resonates with you and if you are comfortable with them.

Additionally, something quite important is the support provided by a teacher. Your Reiki journey begins the day you take your first class, but that is just the start! Most conscientious Reiki teachers are willing to offer follow-up assistance after class is over. One thing I do make clear to my students is that they can depend upon me for answering any questions that may arise after class. I encourage my students to email me or call me, and feel free to share any Reiki experience they wish.

It is also important to have ample time for table work. Practicing on the table with both genuine hands-on (and hands-off) healing is a must so the new student is fully comfortable with giving a complete Reiki treatment session to another.

Length of class can also vary – from 2 hours to 2 days. Many First Degree classes are either one full day or two half days. If you have a teacher who asks for high tuition fees and only offers a one or two hour class in total — be wary. A full day class should likely provide a solid foundation. To further one’s learning, all one need do is practice self-Reiki as well as practice on anyone who is open to a lovely and radiant Reiki session!

I’ve had several Reiki Master Teachers over the years and I try to take those qualities and methods of teaching that I particularly liked and enjoyed, and incorporate them into my own teaching methods. Remember, teachers are always learning themselves. I was definitely nervous teaching my first class (which consisted of family and friends) but the more I teach, the more I enjoy passing along the special gift of Reiki. As I tell all my students, learning Reiki truly began a beneficial transformation in my own life. And I really enjoy observing my students delight in being initiated into the gentle, yet powerful brilliance of the energy!

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