Reiki – Did You Know – Questions About this Modality and its History

As Reiki students, we learn about the history, often different pieces of it, depending on who our teacher is and what she/he has learned in their own studies. Are you familiar with the following information?

(A special thanks to William Rand, who helped with the accuracy of these statements.)

Did you know that:

• Mrs. Takata was born in 1900 and died in 1980, yet she did not train any Reiki Masters until the ten years before she died, beginning in 1970?

• Mikao Usui was married to a woman named Suzuki and had both a son and a daughter with her?

• that after Usui felt the “One Great Reiki” enter his crown chakra (after his 21-day fast on Mount Kurama) he first practiced on family and friends and witnessed the amazing effects of this new healing empowerment?

• according to the research of Hiroshi Doi, Arjava Petter and Tadao Yamaguchi, it was recently discovered the Usui had only 3 symbols – the same 3 we use in Reiki II?

• Mrs. Takata was known to charge students the exorbitant sum of $10,000.00 to train and attune them to the Master Level? Yet, despite this, she trained approximately 22 Masters.

• though it was originally believed that Dr. Hayashi is the one who developed the standard hand position system that is used here in the West, it is now understood that Mrs. Takata did not teach what she learned from Dr. Hayashi, but created her own system of Reiki, in which she omitted the Japanese Reiki Techniques and created a new system of hand positions which she referred to as the foundation treatment?

• Reiki is used Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center as a complementary and alternative therapy to assist patients in their recovery?

• that Reiki can be used to treat ANY symptom, condition or disease?

And on that last note, my question is what have you used Reiki on (for yourself or someone else) that might be a bit unique or unusual?

For me a few things come to mind:

• When a chair dropped on my toe – I gave it a substantial dose of both ice and Reiki. The next day it was black and blue, but I had absolutely no pain and it healed so quickly.

• Secret Reiki in the emergency room when my son was in a car accident (See my post from last year)

• All kinds of cuts and bruises — speeds up healing dramatically

• In challenging traffic or travel situations, I “wrap” my car in a humongous power symbol, envisioning that Reiki is helping me home smoothly and safely

• In family court (years ago) with my ex-husband — I let the Reiki flow in great waves and it helped that visit to court go quickly, easily, and PEACEFULLY.

So I invite you to please share your thoughts and your own experiences as a comment on this post!

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