Positive Attitude – Take Pride in Past Accomplishments

New Year, new moment, new energy — new chance to be the best life creator you can be. Are you ready for the challenge? Do you have the motivation and drive to take possibilities, turn them into probabilities and then into realities?

Of course, the challenge that I am referring to is one’s personal challenge — one’s unique, individual goals. I always find the beginning of a year particularly exciting because it is so vast and open with possibilities. We generally greet it with great and anticipatory momentum — so if we can keep in that momentum flowing throughout the year, think of how much we can accomplish!

What are your own goals, dreams, wishes — what do you seek to manifest this year? Crystallize those goals and visions. Clarify them. Write them down.

BUT, before you even do that, first make a list of all that you have accomplished in the past year.

Write down everything — however minute or huge — that makes you feel proud of yourself, that makes your heart sing, that makes your shout “Yes I did it!” to the world.

I love making this list because it can be such a joy and a revelation. I started doing this when I was a teenager. I used to keep a daily diary and would neatly tuck a folded piece of paper with all the year’s achievements into the diary at year’s end before I closed it up and put it away for “posterity.”

Each year I would marvel at how much longer the list of “Firsts and Accomplishments” was than I had anticipated.

I had stopped this little practice over time, but in more recent years, started going back to it. And it is encouraging and motivating to review things you’ve learned, done well and goals that have been met.

So I encourage you to really give some reflection on what you have done this past year. Spend time being in the exhilarating energy of accomplishment. This will get you into a radiant mindset to move forward into the new year. And in that frame of mind, and in that high vibration of anticipation, start focusing on your new goals. DO take the time to write them down, because that is very powerful and will help bring them into manifestation!


  • It is energizing and fulfilling to reflect upon my accomplishments.
  • I enjoy creating new goals, plans and activities that resonate with my heartfelt desires.
  • All that I can imagine — I can be!

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