Reiki Practitioners – Let Your Ego Step Aside for More Effective Healing

As Practitioners, we are advised early on to let our egos move out of the way. What does that mean exactly and are you personally able do this?

The Dictionary has many definitions for the “ego” including: the ā€œIā€ or self of any person; a person as thinking, feeling, and willing, and distinguishing itself from the selves of others and from objects of its thought.

Many people, when they think of ego, think of someone who has a “big ego” meaning an exaggerated sense of self-importance, or conceited attitude. The ego is a reflection of one’s self image or self-esteem. And it is our egos that make us who we are, and define us as individuals.

As physical beings, our egos assist us in effectively navigating through this magnificent, but often complicated physical realm. They are a necessity. However, in terms of Reiki, the flow of the Universal Life Force Energy through us is most effective when we are pure, clear channels or vessels.

This means:

  • Letting go of expectations of outcome
  • Not making a personal decision of exactly where and how the energy should be directed
  • Trusting in the wisdom of the Universal/God-Consciousness/Divine
  • Releasing feelings of responsibility regarding the healing
  • Being open to the healing unfolding in the perfect way that is uniquely beneficial for the recipient
  • Recognizing that Reiki always provides a benefit, even if it is not immediately apparent

As an example, perhaps someone is having a digestive problem which is actually resulting from the stress of communication issues, or lack of clear communication in a close relationship in that person’s life. You have no knowledge of this deeper-seated cause — nor does the client. So you might automatically decide to focus in on the stomach area where the condition is manifesting. But in reality, maybe it is the throat area (the chakra of communication) that will draw and absorb the most healing energy. Of course, YOU don’t necessarily know this — but the Universe DOES!

So what does this all mean on a practical level? It means developing a very flexible attitude toward healing sessions. It means always asking that the healing manifest for the “highest good” of the recipient. It means that as you are engaged in a Reiki treatment session, that you are aware and receptive of the higher consciousness/intuitive part of yourself. It means being really immersed in the present moment — basically holding the space as a vessel of light — a conduit for the gentle, yet powerful energy.

Also, as healings occur, remain humble. You personally did not DO the healing — so gratefully acknowledge the Universe or Higher Power for all healing that happens — both the mundane and the miraculous. Embrace your role more as a “healing facilitator” and be open to the myriad blessings that can come through a loving, supportive and wise Universe.

2 comments to Reiki Practitioners – Let Your Ego Step Aside for More Effective Healing

  • Janice Kuhl

    Hi, Sheryl,

    Beautifully written! Thank you so much. I think this is such an important subject. How many times have I heard “Let your ego step aside when you are giving a treatment.” It’s so easy to get caught up in what we think the outcome should be.

    Much love,


    P.S.: Thisd brings to mind another phrase I always see yet am not quite sure what it means: “holding the space.” Care to comment?

  • Sheryl

    Hi Janice and thanks for your feedback! Yes, we always hear that advice about “letting our egos step aside” and yet it takes some practice to really get into the flow of this. But when we are able to get out of the way, that’s when the most effective healing occurs! As to your question about “holding the space,” might it mean the same as being a clear conduit, one that is holding the space for the energy to flow through?