Living in the Now – Being Present Can Empower You

Ask yourself this question: am I consciously able to really be here and be present? Can I live, breathe and touch this particular moment in time? Do I seek to inhale the exquisiteness of this moment — and truly find joy and peace in this gentle segment of time?

If you answered a truthful yes, then you are likely happier, calmer and feeling quite good about yourself and your life! Of course, it’s not possible to be in the flow of the now all the time, but making this a goal can truly empower you, rejuvenate you — and shift the current of your life.

Being in a constant state of worry and anxiety about what you did — or didn’t do — in the past is negative and harmful to your well-being. Conversely, worrying about what may or may not happen in the future also tends to suck any uplifting energy from your ability to focus on the present moment. So if this little description resonates with you and you can acknowledge that you are spending too much disjointed and fragmented time in either/or the past and the future, then start the inner work now.

You have the “power” to find beauty and exhilaration right in the now!

In general, you need to begin to bring your frame of reference right back to the present. This concept is sometimes called mindfulness. But the key here is to bring yourself to the present in a non-judgmental way — as kind of a pleasant, upbeat observer.  Then reach for all that is happiness-inducing, serene and comforting in your now-moment. Appreciate these aspects. Let yourself feel truly alive. That is the simplicity of it.

So look around you — what is pleasant and good-feeling to you right now? This little exercise of examining the moment with a joyful microscope is something you should make part of your everyday experience. Right now, as I write this, the window is open and though it’s a brisk day here where I live — the fresh air feels great and rejuvenating! My sweet kitties are nestled nearby, snoozing in their little catnaps. I wrap myself in this simple pleasure of this moment, and feel completely immersed.

By empowering yourself with this in-the-moment thinking, you may find that you develop a greater sense of harmony, joy, and overall positivity. I believe it also better prepares you for meeting any challenges that do arise. When you connect in with who you are, reaching deep into your heart and focusing your thoughts and emotions on the present, you will truly reap the benefits of living in the now.

Affirmations for focusing on the now:

  • I live, breathe and touch this moment with a sense of being truly alive.
  • It is easy for me to find joy and appreciation in each moment.
  • I focus my attention on being fully present and immersed in the now.

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