Healthy Eating – Organic Raw Foods Are Better For You!

Fresh produce is so healthy!

Fresh produce is so healthy!

A true “raw foodist” will advise: eat it only if it grows in the ground. Breakfast cereal flakes (even the oatmeal, granola and natural-sounding kinds) do not grow out of the ground. Slices of bread do not grow out of the ground. You get the general idea.

A raw-food organic diet includes all fresh fruits and vegetables, freshly made fruit and vegetable juices, legumes, grains, nut and rice milk, nuts, seeds, beans plus other organic foods that have not been processed.

Throughout history, mankind survived on a raw diet, including plants, vegetables, seeds, nuts and berries. It is only in more recently that man has switched over to the processed-food way of living, and in more recent years, the fast-food way of eating. Starting in the last century, we have had the ability to completely manufacture food, with additives and chemicals that help preserve food items. They are supposedly “safe” for us.

Though these foods are touted as beneficial, they are so far removed from what our bodies can recognize as “real” food at the biological level. However, the media promotes these foods and the large, powerful manufacturing companies have vast budgets to spend on advertising. Processed foods are much easier and less time-consuming to prepare and so they neatly fit into the time restrictions of our hectic, on-the-go lifestyle.

Scientific studies have found that people who eat a processed diet high in animal protein tend to suffer from more chronic, inflammatory conditions and diseases than those who follow a raw, plant-based diet. Almost every health organization advises us to add more fresh fruits and vegetables into our daily diets. Even the well-known Food Pyramid which has served as a general eating guideline for many years, advises 3-5 servings of vegetables and 2-4 servings of fruit. How many children and adults follow that guideline? There have been many newspaper articles regarding the diets of children in American being severely lacking in the fruit and vegetable department.

The switch to an all-natural, mostly organic raw diet would be a major lifestyle change that most people would be unwilling to make. However, the benefits can be incredible: increased overall energy, natural weight loss and an increase in your body’s ability to fight off disease.

Start today – just begin to cut down the amount of processed food, junk food, and high-fat food you consume. Replace those processed items with tasty, nutritious fresh fruits and crisp fresh, uncooked vegetables. Your body will enjoy this natural biochemical “fuel” and be in far better shape for it!

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