Mediterranean Diet – A Healthier Way To Live

What comes to mind when you think “Mediterranean” way of eating? If you said fish and olive oil, then that’s right on track! A recent news article stressed the benefits of eating the Mediterranean way. Studies have already shown that this kind of diet has been linked to reduced risk of stroke, diabetes (Type 2), heart disease and cancer. Now it is believed that it may also lower the risk of depression. So could this mean that those who eat like the Mediterraneans might actually be happier because of what they eat?

As I read through the article, it dawned on me that I had already been embracing much of this way of healthy consuming. The article advises to cut back on animal protein (meat) and replace it with fish. Leave out dairy products (filled with fat), and incorporate nuts into your daily diet. Increase your intake of vegetables and legumes and make sure to use plenty of olive oil as a dressing. Legumes include alfalfa, clover, peas, beans, lentils, carob, and soy. You can even include a glass of wine (but not more than a glass or two!). Eating this healthy seems key to an all-round vibrant lifestyle (see my earlier blog entry 7 Tips To Live By for other suggestions).

Olive oil is a super dressing for almost any salad. And I can say that from experience because I have tried it on everything salad combo I have concocted. I mix the oil with a little lemon juice for a simple but satisfying dressing. You can add a few shakes of organic all-purpose seasoning or some ground sea salt for extra flavor. If you are having a salad that includes fruit and nuts along with greens, just use the olive oil/lemon juice mixture, but add a little agave (gives it a little touch of sweetness) and mix well.

For the purest form of olive oil, look for Extra Virgin, organic and unrefined, because this contains higher levels of antioxidants than the more processed versions. Of course, like anything else, don’t overdo the dressing because there are about 120 calories per tablespoon. Olive oil is definitely considered one of the “good oils” and a “healing fat”.

So take your own trip to the Mediterranean through what you serve on your dinner table — and as they might say in that region, “Opa” and happy, healthy eating to you!

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