Goal Setting – Aligning With the Intentions of Your Heart

Are you a genuine “goal setter” — taking meticulous effort to carefully formulate plans for the coming year/month/day? Or are you the exact opposite — just kind of drifting along in that “whatever will be” frame of mind?

Or perhaps you fall somewhere in-between those polar opposites and you casually set a few goals, but […]

Inner Guidance System – Tune In To The Wisdom of Your Intuition

Do you often have a hunch, a “gut” feeling in your stomach, or a very strong inclination about something? We all do at times — this is the very unique, very wise voice of our own personal intuition “speaking” to us! How many times do you just write it off as unfounded — or just […]

Affirmations and Visualizations – A Technique for Centering In Moments of Frustration

Are there times when your are overly frustrated by a relatively minor situation, and wonder just what to do to keep your cool? We all get into these predicaments at times. When it’s happening, we often feel out of control.

I had an experience like that just the other day. I had re-upped an account […]