Goal Setting – Aligning With the Intentions of Your Heart

Are you a genuine “goal setter” — taking meticulous effort to carefully formulate plans for the coming year/month/day? Or are you the exact opposite — just kind of drifting along in that “whatever will be” frame of mind?

Or perhaps you fall somewhere in-between those polar opposites and you casually set a few goals, but are not as aggressive, motivated or passionate about them. I suspect that most people fall into this category. Yet goal-setting has been shown to be one of the essential steps toward success in all aspects of our lives. Setting goals empowers us, enriches us and helps move us forward into the energy of motivation and accomplishment.

Here are 5 quick tips for getting your goals in gear:

1) Do some “goal soul-searching.” Take some time to really think about what you want. Dig deep into your psyche for this and explore those genuine dreams of your heart. Meaning, don’t waste time trying to set goals for things you think you “should” do or goals that others set or request of you. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of trying to shape your goals based on the expectations of others. This can ultimately set you up for failure.

2) Write it down! Once you have a clear goal, commit it to paper (whether it be through a keyboard or an actual pen.) This is very powerful.

3) Make an emotional commitment to it. Feel the energy of it. Visualize it clearly. Say a daily affirmation about it. (Twice a day is even better!) Make it real, tangible and exciting for yourself. Create a vision board for it.

4) Do not overwhelm yourself with too many goals. Of course, the number of goals one might commit to varies according to the individual. Let your inner guidance determine if you are best off with 3-5 goals for the year — or if you are going for mega-stardom and can handle 30-40 — or more! Sometimes choosing a smaller number of clear goals is easier to focus on and less daunting.

5) Chunk down larger goals into “to dos” of a more manageable size. It simplifies your life to break down goals into smaller action steps. It is much easier to just take one little step at a time, and with each step, you do begin to feel some fulfillment and inspiration along the way.

So, what are you waiting for? Write down those things you wish to accomplish, and make sure that they are feel-good goals for you — resonating with your own unique and individual life purpose. Goals that you are likely to attain are those that flow passionately from your own heart.


  • I am skilled at powerfully and deliberately visualizing my desires.
  • I can already feel the sense of accomplishment that achieving my goals will bring.
  • I focus positive energy on manifesting goals that resonate with my heart.

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