Practicing Reiki – A Process of Self Healing and Enlightenment

I often refer to Reiki as a “journey” or a “path” and when I teach a Level I class, it is exciting for me to see brand-new students begin this enlightening part of their lives. We learn the Precepts, some meditations, some Japanese Reiki techniques, hands-on healing, self-healing practices — all the foundation tools for the study of this modality.

However, as each person moves forward in their own particular and unique path, it is up to the individual as to how many of the spiritual aspects of the system they will practice and embody. Going through the basics — the mechanics — does not assure a positive shift in one’s life unless one truly embraces the more spiritual and self-healing aspects of this system — and is open and welcoming to some personal evolution.

Now, can one’s healing treatment of another be effective without embracing deep spiritual aspects? My opinion is that yes, it absolutely can be effective. But woven into this entire tapestry of Reiki are the threads of one’s own personal healing, awakening and enlightenment.

For me, Reiki opened a glorious doorway — a doorway of illumination for me to walk through and connect to my my spiritual side — which brought much healing and peace. It was not an immediate “aha moment” but a steady, tranquil path that helped me heal from a tumultuous and painful period of my life.

There is sometimes debate over whether one can be a capable healer if their own life is not completely calm and joyful. There are many views on this, but I believe that if we wait until we are totally healed in every aspect (physical, mental/emotional and spiritual) we will be waiting forever. In this human plane of existence, as multi-dimensional beings, we will always carry a certain amount of conflict within us as part of our norm. However, minimizing this conflict, stress, discord, and stepping into a more positive framework of viewing life will certainly help us not just feel much better, but have an improved life experience and likely result in being better healers.

If you keep in mind that Reiki can be a magnificent journey for you personally, and if you are ready and willing to bring true healing and light into your own everyday reality, then Reiki will be a supportive and guiding companion along the way. Be patient, curious and open-minded — and you will walk through your own radiant doorway of illumination.

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