Reiki Sessions – Length of Time, Frequency and Use for Simple Ailments

How long should I give Reiki? Exactly what can Reiki be used for? These are some of the common questions that I hear from newer students.

Reiki is a modality that certainly CAN work in miraculous ways. However, it is most likely to be effective when offered consistently and for a sustained period of time. Which means that if someone has a severe or prolonged condition, it would certainly be beneficial to give them a Reiki session each day or almost every day, even just a half hour long. Over time, there should be significant improvement. Of course, most people are looking for a quick fix, but patience and consistency of treatment is helpful.

Any Reiki is better than no Reiki. Five minutes of Reiki can often jumpstart the healing process within one’s physical being. I find that an hour session seems to be really powerful. In that time, a recipient can really relax into the energy and sometimes even lightly doze. During that time, significant healing can take place as the body begins to rebalance the energy flow. But if you only have the opportunity to give Reiki just for several minutes, absolutely do so!

Know that Reiki can be used for any condition or ailment. So if you are a Practitioner, move into the mindset of calling in Reiki energy as a wonderful and all-encompassing healing tool.

For yourself, remember to use it on small/simple injuries. My most recent accidental “banging of my knee” into the door frame (big ouch) would have certainly caused pain and swelling the next few days. Aside from the practical use of ice for an hour, I sent Reiki into my knee, using the Power Symbol. Happily, I never had any of the anticipated pain or swelling. It tingled a bit the next few days, but I was able to go to the gym for my regular workout the very next day, with absolutely no hint of a problem or pain. So don’t forget about yourself when these minor accidents happen. Use Reiki!

Also, at the first sign of a cold, call in the Reiki and do self-Reiki with one hand on your throat area and the other near your heart/chest area — this may ward of the onset of a full-fledged nasal or bronchial condition. If you can, have another Reiki practitioner give you a treatment. Any time I feel something like this coming on, I ask my husband, who is a Level I Practitioner, for a mini-session. This has been wonderfully successful several times, so I encourage you to try it. But it is most effective if you begin “preventative” treatment as soon as you feel any symptoms.

Bring the healing energy of Reiki into your everyday life — small miracles abound everywhere — and sometimes even big ones!

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