Love – Cultivate the Feeling Within and Let It Flow Globally

With all the global change, unrest both man made and as a result of natural disasters, there has been much attention to tragedy, war, and disaster. As humans of curiosity and concern, we are of course drawn to the media coverage of this. Sometimes we are glued to the news broadcasts, both on TV and over the internet. And the internet has expanded our knowledge with almost instantaneous dissemination of global events, such as the tsunami in Japan. Who could not be moved by that initial and shocking video of the wall of water washing away vehicles, houses and life?

As we watch any of these events, we can be consumed by a multitude of mixed feelings ranging from jarring emotional impact to extreme anger and anything in-between. Our reactions are all very personal as our hearts get involved and stirred by these events.

However, in the course of our connection of consciousness, can we remember to bring ourselves back to that fundamental level of love that exists deep within us? For focusing fear, shock, disgust, anger toward a situation does nothing positive for the situation and certainly nothing positive for one’s own psyche. And all that negative emotion does is serve to create increased negative emotion.

It is essential to remember to not just hang on to a sense of profound love, but to make sure that it remains strong and stable in one’s heart. Arising from that, let your love first flow grandly and profusely within yourself — and then let it flow out toward others. We should share our love not just with family, friends and those close to us — but with the world, especially areas of need. Sharing can take the form of prayer, meditation, holistic healing of any kind, of just sending positive energy. You do not have to engage in any complicated ritual — just let your own personal, unique light shine out — feel it radiate. And do so with pure and positive intention.

The more of us who do this, the better it can be… Envision all our lights of love shining, focused on global healing, focused on regenerating this beautiful planet that sustains us. Imagine the Earth as vibrant, green and healthy — glowing with brilliance, surrounded by love and light…


  • I keep a sense of love and peace strong in my heart.
  • I let my profound love flow out to those around me and to all life on planet Earth.
  • I re-awaken all the love within — for it is the powerful emotion of rebirth and enlightenment.

2 comments to Love – Cultivate the Feeling Within and Let It Flow Globally

  • Alexandra

    I don’t know if I told you this. Some years ago, I went to a funeral where a grandson of the woman who had passed said in his eulogy that he never had heard her say anything bad about anyone.

    This went directly to my heart and conciousness, and I have tried ever since to practice that good woman’s habit. And magic happens. For when I push away saying negative things about someone, I do not have negative feelings about the person.

  • Sheryl

    Alexandra – thanks for sharing this very wise advice. Most people find it easy to complain about others — we are all guilty of it at times. But we should embrace the practice of saying positive things about others — or at least not making negative statements. The world would definitely be a happier place 🙂