Prioritizing – Different Perspectives for Goal Setting

We are all seeking a sense of peacefulness, fulfillment, balance and harmony. But to get where we want to be it is key to determine those facets that have to be balanced and achieved in our own life in order to bring us closer to how we want to be truly feeling and living. A piece of this is the conscious recognition of which choices and paths we wish to follow. Sometimes that next step in our lives is very clear. But often times, our figurative horizon is a blur of pretty clutter and we’re not sure how to allocate both time and energy in order to best formulate our important goals and take steps toward achieving them.

Some of this comes down to the ability to effectively prioritize and manage one’s time.

For me personally, this concept is an ongoing challenge. I still cling to that fanciful idea that there is some magical equation of dividing up the blocks of time that will render perfect order and serenity to my life. But I haven’t quite found it. Prioritizing has taken so many different perspectives for me. I’ve given some thought to a few different “forms” it can take:

1) Personal Prioritizing – figuring out one’s overall set of goals specifically for yourself, as opposed to goals interrelated to those of your family, spouse, partner, children, etc. Try to clarify your goals regarding job/career/business; spiritual pursuits; social pursuits; pure relaxation and free time; volunteer work, and whatever else is significant. This comes down really tuning in to your inner guidance and determining what is right for YOU. For me, the business priorities include further classes in holistic healing, building more of an online network, as well as growing my healing practice. That is my personal prioritizing, as compared to the joint planning my husband and I are doing in terms of selling our house and buying a new one. Yet, there needs to be time for everything related to the sale of the house too. So obviously, there needs to be a meshing of one’s personal goals and one’s family or joint goals.

2) Passionate Prioritizing – What are you truly passionate about? Sometimes your prioritizing has to focus on what’s on fire in your heart and spirit, that burning desire that motivates you toward whatever — a business venture, learning a new skill, etc. It’s important to heed the voice of this motivating spark as this gives meaning and energetic fuel to your days, spurring you to learn, create, inspire, achieve and get it done. This is feel-good prioritizing!

3) Practical Prioritizing – That’s when the little voice of reason steps in. For example, while you pursue the fantastic entrepreneurial opportunity, you might choose to work part time in the corporate world, or at the retail store, etc. until your business venture truly takes off and brings in the income that’s needed to live on. Or perhaps you first need to first take a class/seminar or do some research, etc. before plunging into a brand new idea, so you have a real inkling of how to follow through effectively.

4) Purposeful Prioritizing – This is where you write it all down. Commit your goals to paper — or as a list in your word-processing program. Start formulating a clear plan of how you wish to divide up your time. Time management and planning skills are key here.

One tip that is extremely helpful to me for daily prioritizing is Jack Canfield’s Rule of Five (from his book “The Success Principles”.) Write down the five most essential things you wish to accomplish each day — tasks that are do-able, not ones that are so insurmountable that you are afraid to tackle them.

I do this the night before and use an electronic “sticky” note on my computer desktop. This list of five goes a long way towards setting quick and clear goals, which is at least a step in the right direction of managing one’s overall time. As you accomplish each goal, check it off or cross it out and you will feel a surge of achievement. And if you don’t accomplish all five, don’t berate yourself — you can always shift it over to the next day. Even getting one or two things done is a step forward.

So, what are your priorities? I challenge you to organize them, focus positive motivational energy on them — and breathe life into the true goals and plans of your heart!


  • I set clear priorities for my future and take focused steps each day toward their achievement.
  • I set my intention to manage my time in a balanced, joyful, productive way.
  • I choose to focus my rapt attention and energy on those goals that I am truly passionate about.

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