Forgiveness – Releasing Anger and Letting Your Light Shine Brightly

Our Light Can Make a Big Difference

“Whether you believe it, or not, you will feel a lot better if you let your light shine onto the world. This is biologically programmed in our DNA. Our immune system functions better when we connect to feelings of love. The more love we experience (i.e. send to others), the more immune we become against cancer, infectious diseases, heart diseases, and chronic deterioration. The brain will also produce endorphins; this makes us feel happier and more optimistic. So, by sending love (loving thoughts to others, praying, forgiving others, and wishing them all the best), we will be rewarded with an improved quality of life and well being.” ~Dr. Roy Martina

Sending out light out to others is a beautiful action. But perhaps we should first do the inner work to strengthen our own light. Connecting with our self light is linking powerfully to our Divine Essence – or reconnecting with who we are at our core. Once we are in a place of relative peace, it is usually easier to send light out to others. By doing that, your own heart glows with a special radiance, bringing even greater feelings of serenity.

One of the main obstacles to being able to freely let our love and light flow is being stuck in a mode of unforgiveness. When you hold anger in your heart, it just eats away at you. When you believe others have wronged you, begin to sort out your feelings and do some real soul-searching to start along the path of releasing those “toxic” emotions.

One way to let go is to first allow yourself to experience the pain, the anger, and the anguish. Let yourself get lost in it — temporarily. But give yourself a time limit, and make it a relatively brief one. Say to yourself “Okay, for the next 3 days I am going to allow myself to express the pain/grief/regret/hostility, etc that I feel. But after three days, I am letting it all go. I will accept — no, I will embrace — the action of releasing all negative feelings. I will embrace forgiveness.” Stick with your set goal, and make a super-conscious effort to release hurt and negativity. Then, take the amazing and compassionate action — send love and light out to that person!

Another suggestion is to focus on the other person, and imagine them at a time when all was peaceful and you viewed them in a positive light. Bring that picture into your mind very clearly. See their face and imagine them smiling with joy. Holding that mental picture, send love from your heart to theirs. Vividly remembering someone in happier days makes it much easier to project your love and forgiveness to them. When you are genuinely able to forgive, your own heart will feel lighter, you may feel a supreme sense of relief and it can certainly improve your overall well-being. It will be so much easier to move forward into more positive days!


  • Connecting with love, light and understanding to others brings feelings of radiance and joy.
  • I let my light fill the darkness, illuminating the way for myself as well as others.
  • I make a conscious effort to forgive others and let go of past hurts.

5 comments to Forgiveness – Releasing Anger and Letting Your Light Shine Brightly

  • Justine Marie Vickers

    Such a timely message! I am going through a difficult time and this helped me to regain perspective. Thank you! 😉

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  • Marie-Reine

    So beautiful and true. I really firmly believe you have to forgive. And the suggestion you give is really the only way to do it.
    I am a hairstylist and when I listen to my customers who can’t forgive and no matter what you say about forgiveness, they don’t want to hear it, it breaks my heart. But I have to let go of it.

    So gorgiveness is the only way, thanks for this site.

    Let your LIGHT shine.


  • Sheryl

    Marie-Reine – thanks for sharing a comment here about your own experience. Forgiveness is so important, but yes, not always easy. But we can do our own inner work and make it our intention to embrace true forgiveness, even if some of those around us are not able to let go.

  • Sheryl

    Justine – thanks for your comment, and I am sorry to hear you are experiencing a difficult time. Positive energy and thoughts going out to you…