Positive Attitude – Rekindle Your Passion for Life With These Simple Ideas

Does life ever seem routine, dull — maybe just the same thing over and over? It may be boring/dull with not enough to do or boring/busy with far too much on your plate. But it is the doing things by rote or with downright feelings of drudgery — that get to our psyche and make us feeI Love Lifel depleted and out of touch with who we really are.

No matter how upbeat you are, we all experience times like these. We lose sight of the excitement in life, the utter joy that life can offer us, the spontaneity, the action and reaction, that sharp, awe-inspiring sensation of feeling truly ALIVE.

The key is to re-energize your daily reality is some way — magnify your sense of optimism and spur-of-the-moment feel-good energy. Here are some ideas:

• Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time and surprise them! I did this recently and had the most wonderful, reconnecting conversation with an old friend which really made my heart sing!

• Stand in the light of appreciation. Take a few moments to really be grateful for what is beautiful in your life. Let gratitude flow warmly and powerfully through you.

• Treat yourself to something mildly extravagant – but yet something that certainly won’t break you financially (perhaps an iPhone as opposed to a Lexus.) Make it something that you will really enjoy and will have that glow about owning. Yes, let’s admit that we do occasionally get excited by our “toys” even if they represent the very materialistic side of ourselves.

Do an inspired and impromptu DANCE! Put on some really rhythmic music that will motivate you to just let go and have fun!

• Write a  really inspired or dramatic journal entry, article, blog post or commentary. Basically, EXPRESS yourself. Say what’s in your heart and mind. And either publish it, put it away to look at another time, or toss it in the circular file — whatever you feel is appropriate.

• Go outside and connect your breath with nature and all that surrounds you. Even on a really cold day, if there is sun, stand in a strong ray of light, take a few deep cleansing breaths and just absorb your surroundings. Instead of frigid, think “brisk” or “exhilarating.” Sometimes in these kind of moments, we feel that sensation of “aliveness” just course through us — rejuvenating our spirit.

• Sing in the shower (an old favorite) — loudly and let your voice be heard. It doesn’t matter if it’s off-key. Just serenade yourself.

• Write a love note/letter to someone special — your child, your parent, a sibling, a good friend, or an acquaintance whom you would like to know better. Write it the old-fashioned way, using a pen and paper. Imagine how surprised and grateful that person will be. They will feel radiant — and so will you!

• See a great movie — spontaneously. Yes, go OUT to the cinema and see something current — either a great drama, action-packed film, or something that will really appeal to your sense of humor. Personally, in terms of watching a film, nothing beats the BIG screen. There are no interruptions so you can truly focus and get involved in the storyline.

• Try a kind of food that is totally alien from what you normally consume. Try a cuisine from another country or ethnicity. Go for something that is either totally a comfort food, or a little more flavorful/spicier/exotic/intriguing than normal (but don’t overdo it!)

• Participate in a sport or other activity – something different, something you don’t usually do. You don’t have to commit to it on a regular basis – just TRY it now. Something the young people are doing in Manhattan is participating in organized scavenger hunts. Participants have an amazing, upbeat time following clues all over the Big Apple. Maybe it is taking a hike on a trail, or canoeing on a river — go with whatever appeals to your own sense of adventure.

• Learn something new — take a seminar or class. Immerse yourself in a new technology.  Doing something new or unique is fun, and also rejuvenates the mind and makes those brain cells work! For instance, if you’ve never tweeted – sign up and start sending out those tweets to reflect your own activities and life path. Learn a new language. Learn to use a photo-editing program.

• Go to an amusement part and pretend you are a child again — perhaps brave the upside-down roller coaster (if your stomach can handle it!) Or sled down a snow-covered hill.

• Read a book you’ve always thought about reading — something that is different from your normal fare. Or if you never read, buy a book that sounds really fascinating to you and make time to actually READ.

• Connect with an animal — go to the park with your loving canine, cuddle with your cat (sprinkle some catnip on their favorite toy) or just do some bird-watching. Spending time communing with animals is a great way to re-energize and reconnect with your core essence. Animals know how to truly live in the moment — we can  learn that powerful lesson from them!


  • I seek optimistic, exhilarating experiences to brighten my reality.
  • Simple pleasures and simple actions of the uplifting kind bring much joy into my life.
  • My life is exciting, unique and filled with feel-good experiences!

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